b"112 FurnitureCLASSROOM CARPETSOUR WORLD CLASSROOM CARPETSWhat better way to introducetough carpets are made of soil-resistant nylon with heavy-duty bindingworld geography than with big, eye-catching carpets children can rest on, playand come complete with a guide full of terrific activity suggestions. on or walk all over!Our rugged carpets feature an accurate world mapwithCarpets meet a Class I rating of NFPA 253 and the fire-resistance simple outlines, clearly defined continents and easy-to-read text.The worldsstandards of the Uniform Building Code.Guaranteed for 10 years.seven continents and its oceans are representedtheres even a compassGG555\x1fOur World Carpet - 6' x 9' 689.95rose to help students begin exploring the concept of direction.Classroom- GG594\x1fOur World Carpet - 9' x 12'(Shown.) 1,149.95GETTING READY TO READ ACTIVITY CARPETSthere are even basic shapes in each corner to increase visual discrimination! Preparing young students to read has never been easier than with ourClassroom-rugged carpets are made of soil-resistant nylon, with securely bound skill-building activity carpets!From print awareness to letter recognition,edges.Carpets meet a Class I rating of NFPA 253 and the fire-resistance stan-each carpet helps students explore a variety of basic skills before theydards of the UBC.Each includes an activity guide.Guaranteed for 10 years.start reading.The carpets feature a complete alphabet, with both upper-GG282\x1fGetting Ready to Read Carpet - 6' x 9' 689.95and lowercase lettersa 1-20 number wheel to help build numberGG288\x1fGetting Ready to Read Carpet - 9' x 12' (Shown.) 1,149.95recognitioncolour patches printed with corresponding colour wordsLakeshore"