b'62 Music & MovementQR861 QR918 QR925XQR750QR953 QR753 QR841QR733QR863 QR858QR862 QR756QR923QR784QR848QR767 QR838Shown:30-Player Rhythm Set QR764PRESCHOOL RHYTHM SETS LC1415 \x1f15-Player Rhythm SetThese instrument sets are specially coordinated to offer the widest possibleSet consists of 1 each of tambourine, tom-tom, jingle clog, triangle, wrist range of sound and rhythm experiences for 10, 15 or 30 players.Eachand ankle bells, cluster bells, hand bell and guiro tone block; 1 pair of set comes in a sturdy storage box with a lid, and contains instrumentsbrass cymbals and maracas; plus 2 pairs of sand blocks and rhythm carefully selected to ensure superior quality and tone at reasonable prices.sticks.Everything comes in a plastic box with a lid. 138.95Choose from 3 sets listed below and at right. LC1430 \x1f30-Player Rhythm SetLC1410 \x1f10-Player Rhythm Set Includes 2 each of tambourines, wrist & ankle bells and triangles; 2 pairs of Perfect for up to 10 players, this top-quality rhythm set includes 1 eachsand blocks, finger cymbals and maracas; 1 each of tom-tom, bongo drum, of wrist & ankle bells, jingle clog, guiro tone block, triangle, castanets andjingle clog, castanets, Chino tone block, guiro tone block, tick-tock block, cluster bells; plus 1 pair each of sand blocks, rhythm sticks and maracas.hand bell and cluster bells; 1 pair of claves; 2 pairs of cymbals; plus 5 pairs Everything comes in a plastic box with a lid. 57.95 of rhythm sticks.In a plastic box with a lid.(Shown above.)264.95Individual instruments are also available separately. QR861 \x1fBongo DrumWood drum is 5 18 " in diam.; with mallet. 42.95 QR862 \x1fChino Tone BlockMeasures 6 34 " long; with mallet. 6.45QR918 \x1fHand Tom-TomCowhide head is 6 12 "; with mallet. 33.95 QR863 \x1fClaves - PairSolid wood; each is 9" long. 9.95QR925X \x1fTambourineDurable cowhide head is 6". 33.95 QR923 \x1fTick-Tock BlockMeasures 7 12 " long; includes mallet.11.95QR953 \x1fPlastic Maracas - PairEach is 7 12 " long. 8.95 QR756 \x1fGuiro Tone BlockMeasures 8 14 " long; with mallet. 13.95QR753 \x1fSand Blocks - PairBlocks are 3" x 5". 6.45 QR858 \x1fHandle CastanetsHardwood; measures 8" long. 5.95QR841 \x1fHand BellNickel-plated bell is 4" high. 6.95 QR784 \x1fFinger Cymbals - Two PairsBrass; each is 2". 23.95QR750 \x1fTriangleThe 6" steel triangle includes a striker. 8.45 QR764 \x1fWrist & Ankle BellsAdjustable strap is 9 14 ". 3.95 QR733 \x1fBrass Cymbals - PairSolid brass; each is 5".41.95 QR838 \x1fCluster BellsMeasures 4 "; with nickel-silver bells. 9.9534QR767 \x1fRhythm Sticks - PairWooden sticks are 14". 4.45 QR848 \x1fJingle ClogWooden handle measures 6 12 " long. 10.95RE100X\x1fINSTRUMENTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD COLLECTION Add rhythm and music to your classroomwith easy- RE104to-play instruments from around the globe!This diverse collection features 10 lively instrumentsfrom beautifully woven Ghanaian rattles and rhythmic Peruvian maracas to a frog-shaped Asian rasp.The instruments are sized just for little handsand each is made of authentic, classroom-tough materials.Gong measures 10" tall. 274.95 RE103RE107\x1fJapanese Den Den 18.95 RE107RE104\x1fAsian Frog Rasp 27.95RE103\x1fChinese Gong 61.95RE105\x1fPeruvian Gourd Maracas - Set of 2 47.95RE106\x1fGhanaian Woven Rattles - Set of 2 32.95RE101\x1fMexican Guiro 27.95RE102\x1fChilean Rainsticks - Set of 2 62.95 RE106RE101 RE102RE105Lakeshore'