b'224 Social StudiesPP735X\x1fSOCIAL STUDIES POSTER LIBRARYInspire discussions about families, diversity, differing abilities and more with ourTitle Poster Pack Book Setvibrant colour posters!Each ready-to-hang poster has a relatable image that encourages children to think about and explore the unique lives of people, their emotions, theirChildren of the World PP936 49.95 AA937114.95communities and more.You get a set of 6 poster packs; each pack includes twentyCommunity Workers PP168 49.95 PP169 84.9511" x 16" posters, plus a teachers guide with activity ideas. 289.95 Celebrating Diversity PP773 49.95 PP774 66.95PP755X\x1fSOCIAL STUDIES BOOK LIBRARYFeaturing colourful images and simple text, our library encourages kids to explore theirDiffering Abilities PP257 49.95 PP258 66.95emotions, discover the lives of children in other countries, understand the role ofFamilies PP456 49.95 PP451 66.95community workersand more!You get all 6 book sets, each with 6-12 books, for aMoods & Emotions PP184 49.95 FF465 66.95total of 44 books.Each book is 24 pages. 459.95Children of the World Book Set Community Workers Book Set CelTerbarnastipnogr tDaitvioenrs Bityo oBko oSke tSetDiffering Abilities Book Set Families Book Set Moods & Emotions Book SetLakeshore'