b'Language 195FRENCH & INDIGENOUS MATERIALSGARDEN OF RELATIVES CARPETSWGN2570\x1fRound 5\'-4" 299.95This beautiful, vibrant garden honours the connection of living beings; bringing togetherWGN2580\x1fRound 7\'-7"699.95plants, trees, wildlife and humans. From the classroom to the home playroom, thisWGN2590\x1fRound 13\'-2" 1,449.95uniquely designed and functional carpet will engage children and enhance their interiorWGN2540\x1fRectangle 5\'-4"x7\'8" 369.95environment. This vibrant carpet also comes with an artist-created teaching guide, full ofWGN2550\x1fRectangle 7\'-8"x10\'9" 669.95wildlife facts and beautiful illustrations.WGN2560\x1fRectangle 10\'-9"x13\'-2" 1,299.95INSPIRING INDIGENOUS BOOKS Stories of nature, kindness, culture and adventure flourish in each of these beautifully illustrated books. Children will love hearing the inspiring and playful stories again and again. From tales of our connection with nature to stories of the unbreakable bond of family, little ones will enjoy the beautiful illustrations while they hang on every word and learn from the many teachings within. Please visit Wintergreen.ca for more information and details of each book and its author.WGN828\x1fFishing with Grandma 10.95 WGN821\x1fThis is What I Have Been Told 16.95WGN830\x1fLittle You 10.95 WGN837\x1fSweetest Kulu16.95WGN825\x1fThe Eagle Feather 11.95 WGN815\x1fThe Orange Shirt Story 19.95WGN845\x1fGifts From Raven 11.95 WGN816\x1fThe Circle of Caring and Sharing 11.95WGN846\x1fTrudy\'s Healing Stone 11.95 WGN822\x1fThe Sharing Circle 16.95WGN848\x1fA Walk on the Shoreline 11.95 WGN831\x1fWe Sang You Home 19.95WGN823\x1fThe Medicine Wheel Stories of a Hoop Dancer 14.95 WGN832\x1fYou Hold Me Up 19.95WGN826\x1fThe Hoop Dancer\'s Teachings 11.95 WGN847\x1fWhen We are Kind 19.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'