b'162 Arts & CraftsCONSTRUCTION PAPERThe 48-lb. stock construction paper comes in your choice ofSUPERBRIGHT SULPHITE CONSTRUCTION PAPER2 sizes and 19 colours.You get 50 sheets per package.PleaseThis vibrant, top-quality construction paper is made of 100% sulphite fibresso its specify your colour choice from the list below.super-strong, fade-resistant and easy to work with!Heavyweight, 76-lb. paper is acid-PA100 \x1fConstruction Paper - 9" x 12" free; comes in 2 sizes and 19 bright colours.Please specify colour from the list below.Package of 50 sheets; each measures 9" x 12".2.95 TA70 \x1fSuperbright Sulphite Construction Paper - 9" x 12"PA150X \x1fConstruction Paper - 9" x 12" Case Package of 50 sheets; each measures 9" x 12".4.95Case of 50 packages; must all be the same colour.134.95 TA80X \x1fSuperbright Sulphite Construction Paper - 9" x 12" CasePA200 \x1fConstruction Paper - 12" x 18"Case of 50 packages; must all be the same colour.241.95Package of 50 sheets; each measures 12" x 18".5.45 TA71 \x1fSuperbright Sulphite Construction Paper - 12" x 18"PA250X \x1fConstruction Paper - 12" x 18" Case Package of 50 sheets; each measures 12" x 18". 8.95Case of 25 packages; must all be the same colour. 129.95 TA81X \x1fSuperbright Sulphite Construction Paper - 12" x 18" CaseCONSTRUCTION PAPER COLOURS Case of 25 packages; must all be the same colour.219.95 blackdark brownredturquoise SUPERBRIGHT SULPHITE CONSTRUCTION PAPER COLOURSwhitepinkorangebright blueblackwarm brownpurpleyellowblue greyhot pinkyellowbluewhitepinkholiday redbrilliant lime greensky blue light brownvioletbright greensky bluegreyshocking pinkmagentaholiday greenroyal blue brownholiday redholiday greenassorted goldvioletorangeturquoiseassortedTA5314\x1fWATERCOLOURPAPER This heavy, textured paper is perfect for watercolours!You get200uncoat ed sheets in 5 tablets; each sheet measures 9" x 12". Watercolours sold on page 154. 39.95DRAWING PAPER Thick, 50-lb. paper is perfect for use with markers, crayons, chalk and paint.Each pack below contains 500 sheets.PC5316\x1f Paper Size White Drawing Paper Manila Drawing PaperFINGERPAINT PAPER 9" x 12" NA1651 24.95 NA1652 27.95Huge, 16" x 22" sheets12" x 18" NA1751 56.95 NA1752 57.95feature smoothly glazed surfaces ideal for finger painting.Package of 100 sheets with a 60-lb. basis weight. Finger-paint sold on page 150.12.95TS108\x1fRAINBOW SCRATCH PAPERDazzling,super-colourful pictures are a cinch to createwith our scratch-throughTAGBOARDThis multipurpose tagboard is smooth enough for paintingand rainbow paper!Children use thestrong enough for making posters, cutouts, cards and more.Each pack below included scratching sticks just likecontains 100 sheets; the Superbright Tagboard packs include 20 each of 5 colours.pencilstodrawthroughthePaper SizeWhite Tagboard Superbright Tagboardpaperssurfacerevealinga rainbow of colours underneath!9" x 12" TD271 10.95 TD272 22.95Includes 30 sheets of 7" x 9" paper12" x 18" TD273 21.95 TD274 44.95and 6 scratching sticks. 21.95Lakeshore'