b'Sensory Play 5LL509X\x1fLIGHT TABLE SENSORY PLAY MATERIALS - COMPLETE SETTake sensory play to another level with our textured play materialsdesigned to illuminate on light tables!The translucent materials include beads, rings and ballsallwithuniquetexturesthatinvitekidsto explore light and colour hands on.Plus, all 3 materi- Sensory Beads Sensory Ringsals are washable!Tray sold separately below; light tables sold separately on page 28. 324.95Each play material is also available separately.LL541 \x1f Translucent Sensory Beads 5 pounds of beads in pink and yellow. 109.95LL540 \x1f Translucent Sensory Rings5 pounds of rings in light and dark blue. 109.95LL539 \x1f Translucent Sensory Balls5 pounds of balls in light and dark green. 109.95 Sensory BallsLL581 \x1f Light Table Sensory TrayClear, scratch-resistant plastic tray holds an entire bag of sensory materials and is perfectly sized for ourColour-ChangingLightTablesonpage28.Measures 21 38 " x 21 38 " x 4" high. 189.95THERAPUTTYKidsstrengthenhandPP670\x1fFOAM muscles and fine motor skills as they stretchSENSORY PAINTand shape this colourful putty!Each colourAddsensoryfuntoyour has a different resistance level, rangingfromarts & crafts area with our extra-soft to medium, so kids of all abilitiesfoam paintin 5 dazzling can improve grip strength, finger dexterity colours!Eachbottlecon-and more!Each tub is 16 ounces. tainsstimulatingfoam TS821\x1fExtra-Soft 62.95 paintandcomeswitha TS822\x1fSoft62.95 handyplasticpump. TS823\x1fMedium62.95 Children just squeeze out a dollop and use their fingers topaint,explorethetex-tureand mix the vibrant colours. Can be used on constructionpaperand washes easily from hands.5 bottles, each 5 oz.59.95TS821 TS822 TS823AfterBeforeMAGIC WATER MARBLES SE213\x1f SILLY SHAPES SENSORY MATSThese magic marbles grow right before your eyesjust add water!Simply place theThese fun, textured mats provide kids with a totally unique dehydrated marbles in a large tubfill the tub with waterand watch the marbles becomesensory experience!Five mats each have a different raised bigger and bigger.The more water you add, the bigger they grow!Then invite children tosurfaceincluding dots, squiggles and moreand each mat reach their hands into the marblesfor a unique sensory experience they wont be ablecomes with a smaller matching circle.Children just reach into to resist.Best of all, the marbles can be used again and againsimply dry them out tothe included bag and grab a circle.then use their foot to find return them to their original size!Sensory tubs sold separately. thattextureonamatchingmat!Largerubbermatsare SE997\x1fClear115 grams of see-through marbles. 29.95 9 34 " in diameter. 119.95SE998\x1fMulticolour115 grams of marbles in assorted colours. 29.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'