b'Dramatic Play 53PP427\x1fGRANDPAS DRESS-UP TRUNKDozens of imaginative cos- PP426\x1fGRANDMAS DRESS-UP TRUNKtumes all in one trunk!The mix & match pieces have a grown-up look, butNow kids can dress up just like grown-ups!Our mix & match costumes fit theyre all designed for quick and easy dress-upso theyre perfect for kids.easily over clothes to transform children into whomever they want to beYou get a jacket and fishing vest with hook & loop closures, a necktie, a golf- plus, there are enough pieces to shareincluding purses, shawls, hats, style shirt, hats, gloves and tools for pretend repairs, and more.Comes withgloves and more!You get 19 pieces in a 17 12 " x 14" x 13 18 " plastic storage 16 pieces in a 17 12 " x 14" x 13 18 " plastic storage trunk. Fits ages 3 to 5. 429.95 trunk.Fits ages 3 to 5. 429.95PP478\x1fADVENTURE DRESS-UP TRUNKAdd adventure to pretend play with realistic costumes fit for excitement and discovery!Our dress-up set invites children to role-play 3 different charactersan aviator, an outback ex-plorer and an archaeologistor mix & match to create countless looks.Plus, the costumes are designed with hook & loop closures, so theyre a cinch to put on and take off.You get 16 dress-up pieces, in-cluding a jacket, a vest, hats and accessoriesall in a 17 12 " x 14" x 13 18 " plastic storage trunk.Fits ages 3 to 5. 449.95WB338\x1fSHATTERPROOF SCHOOL MIRROROur safe acrylic mirror gives children a remarkably clear imageand the sturdy hardwood frame and base keep it stable.14 14 "w x 50 12 "h.G REENGUARD Certified.Lifetime warranty.Simple assembly. 449.95 FF660\x1fHELP-YOURSELF DRESS-UP CENTREKeep dress-up clothes and accessories neatand right where kids can reach them!Our child-sized centre lets kids find and put away their own costumeswith rounded double coat hooks for hanging clothing, plus easy-access shelves and cubbies that keep hats and props super-organized.Heavy-duty, wipe-clean laminate centre is 28"w x 16 18 "d x 41 58 "h.The 3 big cubbies are sized to holdourDishwasher-SafePlasticBaskets(soldsep. below)for added organization.G REENGUARDCertified. Lifetime warranty.Comes assembled.999.95LL363\x1fDishwasher-Safe Plastic Baskets - Set of 3Each is 14 12 " x 11" x 7 12 " high. 89.95WB338 FF660Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'