b'234 Instant Learning SpacesLK400\x1fLANGUAGE & LITERACYINSTANT LEARNING SPACEAll the engaging materials and high-quality furniture you need to instantly create a space that helps children build language and literacy skillsfrom letter recognition and phonemic awareness to writing! 6,499.95INCLUDES:\x1f Heavy-Duty All-Purpose Storage Unit\x1f Hardwood Mobile Teaching Easel\x1f30" x 60" Heavy-Duty Adjustable Rectangular Table \x1f 1112 " Heavy-Duty Stacking Chairs - Set of 6\x1f Clear-View Storage Boxes - Set of 3\x1f Dishwasher-Safe Plastic Baskets - Set of 2\x1fChicka Chicka Boom BoomActivity Tree & Hardcover Book\x1f Letter Crayons Word Building Centre\x1f Snap & Build Sight-Words - Complete Set\x1f Building Language Photo Library\x1f Find the Letter Activity Centre\x1f Build the Letter Activity Centre\x1f Double-Sided Magnetic Letter Tiles - 2 Sets\x1f Giant Alphabet Beads \x1f Fill-In-The-Blank Magnetic Activity Tins - Complete Set\x1f Alphabet Learning Locks\x1f Early Language Folder Game Libraries - Set of 3\x1f Predictable Text Paperback Books - Set of 15\x1fUppercase & Lowercase Jumbo Magnetic Letters\x1f Magnetic Tub O Letters \x1f Trace & Write Alphabet Centres - Set of 2LK402\x1fMATH & MANIPULATIVES INSTANT LEARNING SPACEOur all-in-one learning space is packed with premium furniture & kid-favourite materials like counters, magnetic numbers, pattern blocks & moreperfect for building an understanding of basic math and developing fine motor skills!6,899.95INCLUDES:\x1f Heavy-Duty Preschool Storage Unit\x1f Stand-Up Magnetic Design Centre\x1f Heavy-Duty Shelves & Trays Storage Unit\x1f See-Inside Storage Trays - Set of 6\x1f 42" Heavy-Duty Adjustable Round Table\x1f 1112 " Heavy-Duty Stacking Chairs - Set of 4\x1f Dishwasher-Safe Plastic Baskets - Set of 4\x1f Magnetic Learning Numbers \x1fIndestructible Giant Beads & Patterns\x1f Big Tape Measure\x1f Early Math Instant Learning Centres - Set of 2\x1fEasy-Grip Jumbo Pegs & Pegboard Set\x1f Stretch & Connect Builders \x1f Bristle Builders - Class Set\x1f Create-A-Path Magnetic Centre\x1f Fill It Up! Fine Motor Jars\x1f Turn & Learn Magnetic Gears \x1f Pattern Blocks\x1f See-Inside Magnetic Blocks - 2 Sets\x1f Unlock It! Number Match \x1f Math Links \x1f Nuts About Counting! \x1f Counting Cones\x1f 12 Puzzles with Rack\x1f Math Counter Tubs - Set of 3\x1f Counting CarsLakeshore'