b'144 Infants & ToddlersLA847 LA848 LA874 LA534LA840X\x1fTODDLER MANIPULATIVE LIBRARY 1 LA847\x1fGiant Star Builders30 pieces; each is 5". 89.95Our activity-filled library is packed with over 300 big, irresistible plastic shapesLA848\x1fABC Blocks60 blocks; each is 2 14 ". 97.95for tots to link, slot, stack & more!All 4 manipulative sets listed at right, eachLA874\x1fMotor Links72 pieces; each is 3". 99.95in a stackable plastic storage tote.Totes are 14 12 " x 11 34 " x 7 12 ". 389.95 LA534\x1fSlot-Together Animals150 pieces; each is 3"-4 12 ". 109.95AA775\x1fBUTTONER549\x1fEXPLORE & PLAY RE148\x1fSTACK & NESTSIZE-SORTING BOXThis softTB125\x1fSIMPLE SHAPESACTIVITY RATTLESSENSORY TOYSWith brightvinylsortingboxgivestoddlersPUZZLE BOARD As tots fitTheres so much for babies to touch, colours, bold patterns and fun-to- hands-onexperiencewithcolour,jumbo-size pieces into our super- see and hear with these durable rattles! touch textures, our stackers are sureshape, size and fine motor control. simple puzzle board, they develop All 4 rattles have an irresistible animal to stimulate tots!Chunky plasticTots just sort the buttons into thefinemotorcontrolandbuilddesign, stimulating textures and lots of pieces are easy for kids to stack, nest6" box, then pop off the lid to do itmatching skills!Hardwood puzzledifferent soundsplus movable parts and explore.Includes 3 stacker setsagain!With 24 plastic buttons inboard comes with 9 easy-grip,thatarefuntoshakeandexplore! (16 pcs. total); largest is 4 34 ". 59.95 3 shapes and 4 colours.46.95 raised pieces and is 8". 41.95 Plastic; longest rattle is 6". 51.95FF147\x1fFINE MOTOR EV360X\x1fLINK & GO!AA105\x1fEASY-TWIST ANIMAL FOREST FRIENDSEach of our MAGNETIC VEHICLES BUILDERSTots develop fineFB997\x1fSENSORY BEADSsqueezably soft forest friends needs to These chubby, easy-grip vehiclesmotor skills and eye/hand coordina- LACING SETEasy to hold andfind a home in the tree!Tots just pop have safe, fully contained magnets intion as they twist our animal buildersa cinch to string, these big, brighteach cute critter in & out of the cozy front and back, so theyre a breezetogether!Children simply match thebeads make lacing a breeze!Thetreedevelopingfinemotorskillsas to link together!And the cars easilyplastic rods and body piecesor mix18 chunky,2" beads have funthey squeeze & play.Playset includes disconnect to roll around on theirthem up to create silly new animals!patterns and texturesplus, thea 9 14 " tree & 7 woodland creaturesownfor double the fun!Set of 6;Includes 4 animal rods and 12 animal7 12 " laces are firm yet flexible, soall made of soft plastic thats perfect each measures 4 12 ". 66.95 body pieces.Rods are 6 34 ". 41.95 theyre easy to string! 66.95 for little hands! 49.95Lakeshore'