b'222 ScienceShown:Magnets KitHH225XCAN DO! SCIENCE DISCOVERY KITS - COMPLETE SETOur ready-to-use kits invite children to discover colour, light, magnetism andEach kit is also available separately.Each44.95more! Each kit comes with 6 photo activity cards that let students conductHH219Magnification KitHH224Sound Kitexperiments on their ownplus everything you need for each activityfromHH221Colour & Light Kit HH220Sink or Float Kitramps and balls to shakers and bells. Complete set includes all 6 kits. 259.95 HH223Motion Kit HH222Magnets Kit(Shown.) DD298\x1fMAGNETIC SCIENCE TILESFrom magnification & magnetism to reflection and refractionour fascinating tiles are made for experimenting!There are 5 different types of tiles, all with magnets embedded on every side.Kids connect them to create 3-D struc-turesthatexplorelight,colour&morecombiningsciencewithbuildingfun!You can even use the 21 plastic, 3" tiles with othermag-netic builders.89.95AA531\x1fLAKESHORE MOTION DISCOVERY TUBES Ourclear-viewtubesareanintriguingwayforchildrentoget hands-on experience with friction, flow and speed!Each tube is designedtoshowcaseadifferent aspect of motionchildren simply flipthetubesandwatchasthe angleofatrackdeterminesthe speedoftheballsthesizeofa funnelcontrolstheflowofthe beadsand the smoothness of the track controls how fast or slow the ballsmovethroughthetube!Children will love flipping the tubes againandagain discoveringthe magic of motion!You get a set of 3 permanently sealed tubes; each tube is 13 12 " long.61.95Textured on HH877STORE & EXPLORE SCIENCE CART one side Our child-sized cart keeps tons of materials right within reach!The mobileshowing how wooden cart has a big bottom shelf and 3 roomy cubbies with see-inside binsfriction slows for suppliesplus a large top shelf for observing specimens and conductingthe balls down!investigations.And the shelves feature a deep, 1" lip, so materials are always neatly contained!Measures 30"w x 15"d x 25 34 "h; with 4 locking casters. Comes assembled. 1,049.95 Friction Flow SpeedLakeshore'