b'4 Sensory PlayPP385X \x1f WASHABLE SENSORY PLAY MATERIALS - COMPLETE SETKids will love to explore their tactile sense with our textured play materials!The complete set includes 3 different types of materi-alshard and bumpy, soft and pliable, sandy and smoothperfect for use with our sensory tubs.Best of all, each material is fully washable, so they can be reused for years to come!Sensory tubs sold separately below. 359.95Sensory Beads Sensory Noodles Each play material is also available separately.PP269 \x1f Washable Sensory Beads10 pounds of beads in 2 shades of blue. 129.95PP386 \x1f Washable Sensory Noodles1,500 noodles in orange and red. 104.95PP270 \x1f Washable Sensory Balls 1,100 balls in 2 shades of green. 129.95PP273 \x1f Sensory Tubs - Set of 3Sensory Balls 3 clear-view plastic bins, each sized to hold an entire bag of sensory materials.Each tub is 16 34 " x 12 14 " x 6" high. 72.95Easy to mold & shape!KINETIC SENSORY SANDLittle hands cant resist digging, kneading, VR154\x1fSQUISH & SQUEEZE SENSORY BEADSsqueezing and playing with sensational sensory sand!Soft to the touch and This irresistible foam made of thousands of sticky beads is lots of fun tovirtually mess-free, this ingenious sand feels and moves as if it were wet, but squish, squeezeand mold!Best of all, the modeling material wont dryits completely drywhich creates a unique sensation that naturally inspires outso kids can shape and build tons of creations again and again!You gethours of hands-on, tactile exploration!Sensory tub sold separately.12 blocks of foam in 6 colours; each block measures approximately 4 14 "w xSE201\x1fKinetic Sensory Sand - 2.2 Lb. 41.952 34 "d x 1 12 "h. 32.95 SE202\x1fKinetic Sensory Sand - 11 Lb. 114.95PP882\x1fFIDGET POPPERS - SET OF 4 SE731\x1fSENSORY RINGS WD311\x1fWONDER WANDSThese fascinat-Kids cant wait to get their hands on these fun-to- Touch em, twist em, squeeze emthese flexible,ing wands are filled with glitter & confetti floating in press poppers!Each easy-grip tray features rowsnubby rings are perfect for stress relief and sensorycoloured liquidcreating a dazzling effect that chil-and rows of soft silicone bubbles.Children just& tactilestimulation!Plus,theringsstrengthendren love to watch! Kids observe as the pieces push the bubbles in & outexploring their sense ofhand muscles and develop fine motor skillswhileshimmer,spiralandswirldownthenflipthe touch & engaging their fidgety fingers as they boostfocusingchildrensattention.Setof6 dish- wands over to start againfor a soothing sensory fine motor skills!Set of 4 dishwasher-safe plasticwasher-saferubberringsin6colours;eachisexperience that keeps kids calm & focused. Set of poppers in 4 colours; each tray is 5 14 ". 32.95 approx. 4 14 ". 29.95 5 plastic wands in 5 colours; each is 11 12 ". 59.95Lakeshore'