b'142 Infants & ToddlersWW430SET\x1fSOFT & SAFE FAMILIESOurplayfiguresgivetotsa hands-on introduction to fami-lies!Each play figure has an extra-chubbydesignthats easyforlittleonestostand upensuringfrustration-free play.Plus, the play figures are madeofsoft,squeezable plasticthatssuper-easyfor WW437 WW436 toddlers to grip.Each family listedbelowincludes4play figures.You get all 4 families shownfor a total of 16 fig-ures.Largest measure 5 12 " tall. 249.95Familiesarealsoavailable separately. Each62.95WW437\x1fFamily TwoWW436\x1f Family OneWW438\x1fFamily ThreeWW439\x1fFamily FourWW438 WW439HH721\x1fTODDLER DOLLHOUSE WITH SOFT FURNITUREAt lasta toddler-safe dollhouse designed just for little ones!The wide, open layout makes it easy for several tots to enjoy at oncehelping them reach toddler milestones, including fantasy play and taking turns.Comes with 5 chunky, soft-stuffed furniture pieces little hands can safely grab and squeezeall covered in wipe-clean vinyl.Sized for our Soft & Safe Familiesand Soft & Safe Children with Differing Abilities (sold separately).Wooden dollhouse measures 20"w x 13"d x 20"h. 379.95AA695\x1fSOFT & SAFE CHILDREN WITH DIFFERING ABILITIESInspire discussions on diver-sityandacceptancewith figuresrepresentingdiffer-ently abled children and their adaptive equipment!From a TT215 \x1f TODDLER DRESS-UP TRUNKEasy to slip on, easy to takeboy in a wheelchair to a girl offour dress-ups are made just for toddlers!Each wipe-clean vinyl dress-upwithhearingaids,ourset has realistic details silkscreened right on, plus handy hook & loop closures.features 5 multi-ethnic play Each slip-on outfit comes with a hat and a soft, flexible accessory madefigures made from squeez-just for tots, like a lasso for the cowboy and a magic wand for the princess. ably soft plastic thats per-fect for toddlers.Tallest fig-Includes 12 pieces in a 17 12 " plastic trunk.Fits ages 18 months-3 years. 229.95 ure measures 4 14 ". 59.95LL680X \x1f TODDLER CAREER COSTUME SET LL683 \x1f Firefighter 63.95Even little ones can be doctors, firefighters, chefs and morewith realistic costumes designed justLL685 \x1f Doctor 63.95for them!Each one is made of machine-washable fabric or wipe-clean vinyland comes with a hatLL687 \x1f Construction Worker 63.95and an accessoryfrom a super-safe hammer for the construction worker to an official-looking policeLL682 \x1f Police Officer 63.95badge for the officer.Plus, each outfit has a simple pullover design with hook & loop closures right onLL686 \x1f Chef 63.95the side, so tots can dress themselves!All 6 costumes; each fits ages 18 months-3 years. 389.95 LL684 \x1f Mail Carrier 63.95Lakeshore'