b'Teaching Resources 2271 Minute 3 Minutes 5 Minutes 10 MinutesBack is magnetic!PP181\x1fGIANT EA210X\x1fGIANT SAND TIMERS - COMPLETE SET TheseCLASSROOM TIMER colourful sand timers provide a highly visual way to measure timefromOur large-screen digital timer lets you 60 seconds to 10 full minutes!Each timer has been tested for accuracy view the time from anywhere in the and features a giant, easy-view design thats ideal for classroom use.Setroomwhether you mount it to a wall, includes all 4 timers shown.Each timer is 6 14 " tall. 144.95set it on a table or stick it to a mag-Each sand timer is also available separately. netic surface!Plus, the easy-touch EA292\x1f1-Minute Giant Sand Timer 36.95 buttons make it simple to start andTimer also has a built-in stop the timer, adjust the volume and EA293\x1f3-Minute Giant Sand Timer 36.95 more!Measures 3 34 " x 7 34 ". 87.95 stand and a wall mount!EA294\x1f5-Minute Giant Sand Timer 36.95EA295\x1f10-Minute Giant Sand Timer 36.95When you press start, time begins, and the light turns green.At the warning, a 3-tone alarm sounds, and the light flashes yellow.HBL5055\x1f When time runs out, CLASSROOM the final alarm sounds, CD/CASSETTE PLAYERand the light flashes red. WITH BLUETOOTHThis portable multifunction player lets you wire- PP182\x1fLIGHT-UP COUNTDOWN TIMERlessly stream music from all your BLUETOOTHOur timer has 360 viewingso kids can keep track of time from anywhere in devices!It also has a programmable CD player, athe room!Easy-to-set timer features a 3-stage countdown to help kids learn to cassette player and recorder, an FM radioplus an auxiliary jack and six18 " headphone jacks.manage their time.Simply set an overall time and a warning timeadjust the Measures 13 14 " long; plugs into the wall or runsvolume or opt for a visual-only alarmand let children go to work!Plastic on 8 C batteries (not included). 199.95 3 34 " x 5" timer can be set in 1-minute increments up to 10 minutes and 5-minute increments up to 95 minutes.3 AAA batteries not included. 61.95WSP1212Charge up to 6 tablets withWSP8888the built-in power strip!WSP0303WSP0303\x1fMINI TIME TIMERThis portable, 60-minute timer shows kids how much time is left!Slide the dial to select the amount of time you want to track, then watch as it disappearsand listen for the beep when times up! PP509\x1fSTORE & CHARGE TABLET STATION Measures 3" x 3"; with a built-in stand.1 AA battery not included. 36.95Store and charge up to 6 tablets all at once!Our tabletop station hasWSP8888\x1fTIME TIMER Like above, but bigger!The 7 12 " x 7 12 " timer has 6 cubbies with a protective, nonslip liningplus a built-in power strip a built-in stand and is wall-mountable.2 AA batteries not included. 44.95soyoucanchargethetabletswhiletheyrestored!Twoside compartments offer additional storage space for headphones, mediaWSP1212\x1fJUMBO TIME TIMER Jumbo timer has an even larger items and more.Hardwood station is 10" x 19"; power cord is 4\'.dial that the whole class can see!The wall-mountable, 12" x 12" timer has a Comes assembled.Headphones & tablets not included. 421.95 collapsible stand in back.2 AA batteries not included. 49.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'