b'Manipulatives 33HH166\x1fFILL IT UP! FINE MOTOR JARS LL426\x1fSQUEEZE, SCOOP & COUNT ICE CREAM SHOPAs children load up our hands-on jars, they build the fine motor skills theyllMake counting practice a real treat!Kids count from 1 to 10 while adding ice need to start writing!Set has 3 see-through jars with fun-shaped holes in thecream to a banana-split traybuilding fine motor skills as they squeeze, scoop lidsplus 79 objects to sort, including buttons, pegs and 3-D foam shapes.and play!Includes a ball storage container, 2 trays, 2 scoops, 30 foam balls and Children build classification skills and eye/hand coordination as they fit thea guide.Trays are 11 14 ". 37.95objects into the holesthen simply open the jars to start again!Jars mea- HH288\x1fEasy-Squeeze Fine Motor Scoops - Set of 10sure 4 38 " tall. 89.95 Set of 10 red scoopsperfect for building fine motor skills.Each is 4 58 ". 21.95HH344\x1fSTACK & BUILD EMOTION KIDSKids explore the variousLC933\x1fCREATE-A-BURGER SEQUENCING STACKERways people show their feelingsand learn how body language can help usChildren build one delicious burger after the nextdeveloping sequencing and fine recognize emotions!Children just stack 15 colourful, self-checking woodenmotor skills as they go!Kids choose a card showing a mix of ingredients, and then blocks onto the 12" hardwood base, matching up facial expressions with armstack pieces onto the base to match the order shown.You get 10 activity cards, and leg positions to create figures representing 5 different emotions. 46.95 a wooden base and 7 wooden ingredient pieces.Each card is 5 12 ". 36.95LA585\x1fJUMBO MAGNETICDESIGN SHAPESCreate colourful designs and pat-terns on any magnetic surface!Set includes 40 giant wooden magnetsLA585in 10 different shapes, including cir- PP777cles, squares, rectangles, triangles and more.Large squares measure 4".Board sold separately. 79.95PP777\x1fCREATE-A-PATH MAGNETIC CENTREThe path-building pieces in our cen-tre stick to any magnetic surfaceso its easy for kids to build, test and reconfigure a variety of pathwayssharpeningSTEMproblem-solving skillsastheycreate!Includes 150foamballs,aballcup,plus 11translucentplasticpipeswith funnels that give kids a clear view of the action.Largest piece measures 5 34 ".Board sold separately. 129.95LA583\x1fStand-Up MagneticDesign CentreDouble-sided wood board features 2 magnetic write & wipe surfaces, plus a sturdy base with built-in storage.Board measures 22"w x 11 34 "d x 33"h. Easy assembly. 279.95LA583 LA583Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'