b'JJ325 JJ324 Furniture 95CLASSIC BIRCHJJ323JJ322JJ321JJ320BIRCH CLASSROOM CHAIRSOur premium-quality chairs give everyone comfy seating thats built toJJ320\x1f 7 12 " Chair 199.95last!Each chair is made of rugged hardwood, with smooth, rounded edges.They also have securely bracedJJ321\x1f 9 12 " Chair 219.95bottoms & contoured seats, plus a built-in handle that makes them easy to move.G REENGUARDCertified.JJ322\x1f11 12 " Chair 239.95Lifetime warranty.For help matching chair sizes to tables, please see the chart on page 96.Assembled! JJ323\x1f13 12 " Chair 259.95JJ324\x1f 15 12 " Chair 334.95JJ325\x1f17 12 " Teachers Chair 399.95JJ758JJ775ROUND TABLESTabletop 16" High 18" High 21" High 24" HighBIRCH CLASSROOM TABLESBeautifully42" Diam. JJ752739.95 JJ753759.95 JJ754779.95 JJ755799.95crafted from top-quality birch, our rugged, child- 48" Diam. JJ756829.95 JJ757849.95 JJ758869.95 JJ759899.95friendly tables are perfect for the classroom!RECTANGULAR TABLESEach table features rounded corners, eased edges and extra-stable construction.Plus, the24" x 36" JJ769489.95 JJ770509.95 JJ771539.95 JJ772559.95thick,34 " tabletops have a smooth, wipe-clean24" x 48" JJ773599.95 JJ774629.95 JJ775649.95 JJ776669.95laminate finish for quick and easy cleanupeven crayonstreakswiperightoff!G REENGUARD30" x 60" JJ789709.95 JJ790739.95 JJ791759.95 JJ795779.95Certified.Lifetime warranty.Easy assembly. 30" x 72" JJ748849.95 JJ749889.95 JJ750909.95 JJ751939.95JJ424\x1fNO-SLIP CLASSROOM STEP STOOLThisJJ498\x1fBIRCH STORAGE BENCHOur roomy bench has plenty of comfortable seating convenient one-step stool features a space-conscious design thatspace for little onesand 3 compartments to keep items organized and within reach!Plus, the can accommodate 2 children at once!Constructed of sturdypadded seat is made of vinyl and attaches with hook & loop fastenerso you can easily remove birch, the 27"w x 12"d x 6"h stool has rounded edges, no-slipit and wipe it clean!Hardwood bench measures 40 12 "w x 17 14 "d x 11 12 "h.G REENGUARD treads and 4 rubber feet for safe and secure use.G REENGUARDCertified.Lifetime warranty.Bins are sold separately below.Comes assembled! 829.95Certified.Lifetime warranty.Comes assembled! 279.95 LM143\x1fSee-Inside Bins - Set of 3Bins measure 16 34 " x 12 14 " x 6" high. 74.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'