b'with Lakeshore connective furniture! Infants & Toddlers 133Just slide in the pin on each connector to lock it in place!ConnectorsWall AdaptorsCONNECTORSUse one connector to join anyDD619\x1fPLAY-TOP CONNECTIVE DD615\x1fPLAY-TOP CONNECTIVEtwo pieces together!Simply select the connectorSTORAGE UNIT WITH ACRYLIC BACK STORAGE UNITthat matches the height of the pieces youre joining.Sizedjustfortoddlers,thismultipurposeunitOur convenient storage unit features a low-to-Lifetime warranty. features ample storage space, a self-containedthe-ground design and raised edging around DD634\x1f18 12 " Connector41.95 playing surface, plus a clear acrylic back to keepthe topcreating a toddler-height tabletop that DD635\x1f22 12 " Connector 44.95 children in view!With raised, easy-grip edging,keeps toys contained as children play!Little DD637\x1f30" Connector 51.95 thesturdyhardwoodunitpreventstoysfromonescanevenusetheeasy-gripedgingto WALL ADAPTORSScrew one adaptor into theslidingoffthetabletopandencourageslittlepractice standing and cruising.The hardwood wall, then use a connector to attach a panel or gateones to pull up and take steps with confidence. storage unit has connecting pegs toward the tothatwall.IncludesaguidewithhardwareForaddedfunctionality,thereareevencon- frontand back,soyoucaneasilyattach necting pegs toward the front and the rear forconnectors in either position.Unit measures recommendations.Lifetime warranty. attaching connectors in either position.Measures46"w x 15 34 "d x 19 34 "h.G REENGUARDCertified.DD631 \x1f 22 12 "WallAdaptorRequiresa46"w x 15 34 "d x 19 34 "h.G REENGUARDCertified.Lifetime warranty.Comes assembled. Unit 22 12 " connector (sold separately above). 59.95 Lifetime warranty.Comes assembled.Requiresrequires 18 12 " connectors (sold separately at DD632 \x1f 30"WallAdaptorRequiresa18 12 " connectors (sold separately at left).1,329.95 far left). 1,299.9530" connector (sold separately above). 64.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'