b'50 Dramatic PlayLC890X\x1fLAKESHORE CAREER COSTUME SETSuper-realistic, easy-on costumesdesigned to fit a wide range of sizes!Our school-quality outfits feature simple, slip-on designs and adjustable hook & loop closures that make dress-up a breezeand fit children ages 3 to 6 years.Set of all 10 costumes below. 779.95LC815\x1f LC801\x1f LC825\x1fNurse LC804\x1f LC901\x1fChef LC855\x1f LC848\x1fConstructionMail CarrierWith aCotton/polyesterVeterinarianChecked apronPolice OfficerFirefighterWorker Includes washable cotton/poly- scrubs come com- Includes a pull-onhas hook & loopWashable cottonOur realistic, water-a sturdy hard hat,ester zip-up jacket, aplete with a cap &cotton/polyesterclosures; with ancoathashookrepellent coat comes bright nylon vest &cap & an official-lookinga working stetho- smockandanadjustable hat && loop closures;with a lifelike plastic traffic sign. 79.95 mail pouch. 79.95 scope. 76.95 elastic cap. 76.95 a kerchief. 76.95 with a hat. 79.95 helmet. 76.95Space to store WB885\x1fSPACE-SAVER DRESS-UP CENTRE costumes & props The ideal place for costumes and propsplus, a full- on all 3 sides!length, shatterproof mirror makes it great for dress-up!FF318\x1fDRESS-UP TREEAn open closet provides easy access to costumes,Ourperfectlysized,solidFF417\x1fALL AROUND DRESS-UP CENTREand handy shelves store small items.Hardwood unit ishardwood tree makes it easy forGive children instant access to dress-up clothes!The 18 14 "w x 18"d x 50 12 "h; with 8 hooks.G REENGUARDchildren to help themselves torotating, 3-sided space-saving centre has 10 safe, rounded Certified.Lifetime warranty.Assembled. 1,299.95 costumes,hats,accessorieshooks to hang childrens costumesplus 4 roomy shelves AA321\x1fTODDLER DRESS-UP CENTRE andmore!Thespace-savingto hold shoes, hats and hard-to-store props.Children just Similar toWB885 above, but sized for tots!unithas8branch-shapedspin the centre around to find the perfect outfitand get Hardwood; with 6 rounded knobs and 2 shelves.hooks,plusanadorableowla full-length view of their costume in the big, 33" mirror! 14 58 "w x 15"d x 36"h. G REENGUARDCertified.topper.Tree is 12"w x 50"h. Hardwood centre measures 24"w x 41"h; child-safe mirror is Lifetime warranty.Assembled.(Not shown.) 929.95 Easy assembly. 199.95 made of shatterproof acrylic.Easy assembly. 1,049.95Lakeshore'