b'246 Index Sign-In Communication & Songs & Activities Box, Stand for Housecleaning Set.44Cubby Centre131 Everyday229 Stand for ToddlerSign-In Communication Centre.79 Songs of Our World CD.64 Housecleaning Set141Silly Shapes Sensory Mats5 Songs on CD.13, 17, 64, 123, 229 Stand-Up Brick-Building Centre.39Sensory Hideaway.3 Simple Addition Sort & Store Book Totes200 Stand-UpSensory Hideaway Cushion3 Instant Learning Centre208 Sorting Board, Colour Rings148 Magnetic Design Centre.33, 215Sensory Match Seashells8 Simple Addition Sorting Centre, Button.206 Standard Pencils201Sensory Mats, Silly Shapes.5 Its a Snap! Math Centre.207 Sorting Colours.3, 16, Star Builders.144Sensory Paint, Foam5 Simple Addition, 31-32, 145-146, 148, 206, 208, 236 Stars, Toddler-Safe Sensory.143Sensory Play.2-5, 8-9, 18, Touch & Match Math Cards.208 Sorting Kit, Tweezer Tongs Colour. STEAM Kits, Design & Play.168138, 143-146, 160-161, 223, 235 Simple Machine Builders, Jumbo. .32 STEM Books174Sensory Play Materials, .32 Sorting Numbers148 STEM Challenge Kit,Washable.5, 143 Simple Machines, Block Play25 Sorting, See-Inside Bucket145 Building Brick215Sensory Putty.5 Simple Sentence Sorting Shapes3, 16, STEM Fairy TalesSensory Rattles144 Instant Learning Centre181 144-146, 148, 206, 208, 213 Problem Solving Kits.216-217Sensory Rings4, 137 Simple Shapes Puzzle Board144 Sorting Trays29, 204 STEM Materials.12,Sensory Sand.4, 160 Simple Songs Storytime Viewers Sound Phone, Hear Myself181 24-26, 32-33, 168, 174, 214-217Sensory Sand, Mold & Play.160 .171 Sound Sorting Activities.180 STEM Science Stations.214Sensory Shapes, Gel-Bead.3 Simple Subtraction Sounds, Rhyming.180-183, 236 STEM Station, Mobile215Sensory Spheres, Mix & Match. Instant Learning Centre208 Space-Saver Book Tree175 STEM Stories Paperback Library.161 Simple Words Tracing Tiles.197 Space-Saver .174Sensory Stones, Single Line Colour-Changing Light Table.28 Stencils.155, 158Step & Balance18 Write & Wipe Board.196 Space-Saver Dress-Up Centre.50 Stencils Set, Giant155Sensory Viewers, Rainbow Liquid.2 Sink, Dramatic Play40-41, 141 Space-Saver Mobile Art Centre Step & Balance Sensory Stones.18Sentence Strips202 Sink, Hardwood Kitchen41 .151 Step on Up!Sequencing Cards.182 Sink or Float Space-Saver Toddler Changing Table.121Sequencing Magnetic STEM Science Station214 Storage Tray Centre93 Step Stool, Easy-Climb130Language Learning Rods.181 Sit-Me-Up.137 Space-Saver Storage Unit, Step Stool, No-Slip Classroom.95Sequencing Puzzles.58, 212 Size & Colour Counters204 Heavy-Duty125 Stick Anywhere Tape,Sequencing Stacker, Size-Sorting Box, Button.144 Space-Saver Writing Centre94 Mavalus165Create-A-Burger33 Size Sorting Space Theme Box & Stickers, Alphabet Picture.199Sequencing, Story181 Magnetic Math Rods206 Book Library184 Stickers, Animal167Shake & Move Ribbon Bells17 Slice & Serve Play Food Set44 Space Vehicles, Stool, Easy-Climb Step130Shakin the Chute CD13 Slider, Find Your Feelings Emotion. Mix & Match Magnetic30 Stools, Comfy.104Shape Sorting3, 16, .2 Spacemaker Storage Unit, Stools, Wobble.96-97144-146, 148, 206, 208, 213 Slides, Microscope.223 Classic Birch93 Storage & Communication Centre,Shapes Activity Tin.206 Slot-A-Shape Builders.38 Spacemaker Storage Unit, Heavy-Duty79Shapes & Colours Activity Mats16 Slot-Together Animals.144 Heavy-Duty80 Storage Baskets.Shapes & Colours Carpets110 Smocks.10, 155 Spacemaker Storage Unit, 53, 116-117, 125-126, 170, 174Shapes & Measurement Snap & Build CVC Words191 Kids Colours.86 Storage Bench, Birch.95Folder Game Library.207 Snap & Build Sight-Words.192 Special Needs Storage Bins54, 69-70, 73-74,Shapes Beanbag Set.16 Snap-Bots31 .see Differing Abilities 77-78, 80-81, 85-86, 89-91, 93, 95,Shapes Discovery Boxes.146 Snap-Dinos.31 Specimen Centres, 116-117, 120, 129Shapes Family Engagement Pack Snap-On Tray, Easy-Clean123 Hands-On Science218 Storage Boxes117.209 Snap-Together Letter Blocks34 Specimen Viewers.32, 147 Storage Cabinet,Shapes, Geometric Soccer Ball.19 Specimens, Science147, 218-219 Outdoor Lockable.7031, 146, 148, 200, 205 Social-Emotional.33, 149, Spheres, Mix & Match Sensory. Storage Cabinets.Shapes Instant Learning Centre 161, 170-171, 176, 184, 197, 224- .161 23, 70, 79-80, 85, 89, 127, 130.208 225 Spider Glove Puppet56 Storage Case, Puzzle.59Shared Reading Social-Emotional Spiders & Insects Storage Centre, Corner129.see Big Books Board Book Collection149 Magnetic Activity Tin.218 Storage Centre,Shatterproof Mirrors53, 147, 221 Social-Emotional Photo Library.225 Spin Art Centre, Cubbies & Coats.131Shatterproof Safety Mirrors.221 Social-Emotional Giant Classroom.152 Storage Centre,Sheets for Cots. Storytelling Kits170 Spin Art Paper152 Curved with Acrylic Back12979, 86, 106, 122, 125 Social Studies.184-185, 224-225 Spirals, Toddler-Safe Sensory.143 Storage Centre, Double-Duty130Sheets for Cribs120 Social Studies Books.184-185 Splash! Jr. Storage Centre, Easy-Reach.116Sheets for Mats106-107 Social Studies Poster Library224 Reading Readiness Games183 Storage Centre, Help-Yourself91Shelves & Cubbies, Soft & Safe Beanbags15 Sponge Painting Design Set153 Storage Centre, Manipulative129Store Anything.93 Soft & Safe Building Blocks.139 Spot for Everyone Carpets, A114 Storage Centres, Play-Top129Shelves & Trays Storage Unit, Soft & Safe Children with Spray Bottles155 Storage RacksHeavy-Duty82 Differing Abilities142 Square Tables98-99, 127 58, 177, 182, 186, 209Shelves, Magnetic Display.198 Soft & Safe Comet Balls18 Squeeze Bottles.152 Storage Sack, At-Your-Seat228Shelves, Soft & Safe Squeeze, Scoop & Count Storage Totes.117Outdoor Store Anything68 Community Helpers140 Ice Cream Shop33 Storage Trays.Shimmer Shapes167 Soft & Safe Families.142 Squeezy & Soft Animals54 73-74, 79, 82, 93, 125Shimmering Scratch Stars.169 Soft & Safe Flexi Blocks.139 Squish & Squeeze Storage Trays, Heavy-Duty.Shopping Cart140 Soft & Safe Mirror Blocks27 Sensory Beads4 .79, 125Short Vowels Quiz Cards, Soft & Safe Pots & Pans141 Stack & Build Emotion Kids.33 Storage Trays, Natural Colours.73Power Pen!.182 Soft & Safe Tree Seats.103, 122 Stack & Create Builders.38 Storage Trays, See-Inside.82Side Table, Hardwood.43, 105 Soft & Squeezy Animals54 Stack & Match Magnet Rings221 Storage Unit,Sift & Find Alphabet Shells6 Soft & Squeezy Dinosaurs.54 Stack & Nest Sensory Toys.144 Heavy-Duty Shelves & Trays82Sift & Find Number Shells6 Soft & Washable Doll Bassinet48 Stacker, Sequencing33 Storage Unit,Sight & Sound Tubes.146 Soft & Washable Sensory Balls.143 Stacking Chair, Teachers Ergo.75 Outdoor Cubbies & Shelves.69Sight-Word Readers192 Soft Blocks.22, 26-27, 139 Stacking Chairs Storage Unit, Outdoor 9-Cubby70Sight-Words. Soft Blocks, Climb & Play134 75, 83, 87, 96-97, 127 Storage Unit, Outdoor 6-Cubby70.181-182, 192-193, 197 Soft Feely Box, Whats Inside?.143 Stacking Chairs, Ergo75 Storage Unit, Science222Sight-Words Soft Furniture.43, Stamp Pads159, 198 Storage Units.23, 65, 67-70, 73-74,Family Engagement Pack.182 103-105, 107, 122, 135-137, 174 Stampers, Alphabet.159 77-82, 85-86, 89-95, 116, 120,Sight-Words Soft Playspaces.134-135 Stampers, Dough.160 125-127, 129-131, 133, 170, 200,Instant Learning Centre181 Soft Seats.103-105, 122 Stamps, Alphabet159, 198 222Sight-Words, Snap & Build192 Soft Seats, Calming Colours.104 Stamps, Letter198 Storage Units, Classic Birch89-95Lakeshore'