b'Furniture Furniture 97CLASSROOM CHAIRSPREMIUM WOBBLE CHAIRSThis alternative to traditional seating gives kids a full range of movementand the stability they need to wobble without tipping over!Each of No-slip seat isourchairsfeaturesacomfortablecontoured contoured forseatandarounded,no-sliprubberbaseadded comfort! plus, the durable plastic chairs unique design helps strengthen core muscles while encour-aging proper posture.There are even built-in handlesunderthe13"-diameterseatsthat makethechairssuper-easytopickupand move anywhere in the classroom! Choose from the 3 heights listed below.Lifetime warranty. Please specify colour: natural, red, green or HH956 HH957 HH958 blue.All chairs come assembled!Non-markingHH956\x1f12" Chair 169.95rubber base keepsHH957\x1f14" Chair 199.95floors looking new! HH958\x1f16" Chair 219.95CN613Stackable!CN617 CN615 CN611 CN609 CN607CLASSIC STACKING CHAIRSThe contoured design of our super-sturdy stacking chairs guaranteesCN607\x1f7 12 " Chair 99.95years of comfortable classroom seating!Heavy-gauge steel frames and colourful legs are specially designedCN609\x1f9 12 " Chair 109.95to resist tipping, while the non-marking, self-leveling glides give maximum stability.Plus, the easy-to-cleanCN611\x1f11 12 " Chair 119.95polypropylene chairs even stack for storage.Lifetime warranty.Please specify colour:blue, yellow orCN613\x1f13 12 " Chair 129.95red.For colour-coordinated tables, please see page 99.For help matching chair sizes to tables,CN615\x1f15 12 " Chair 159.95please see the chart on page 96. All chairs come assembled! CN617\x1f17 12 " Teachers Chair 189.95EE517EE515 EE513 EE511 EE509 EE505 EE504KIDS COLOURS STACKING CHAIRS Super-rugged, comfortable seatingEE504\x1f 6" Kids Colours Chair 134.95that stands up to anything children can dish out!Our brawny Kids Colours chairs areEE505\x1f7 12 " Kids Colours Chair 139.95built for years of classroom usewith securely braced, all-steel frames that areEE509\x1f9 12 " Kids Colours Chair 159.95incredibly thick and stable.Plus, the seats are solidly molded from polypropylene andEE511\x1f11 12 " Kids Colours Chair 169.95ergonomically contouredfor superior comfort that lasts and lasts.Lifetime warranty.EE513\x1f13 12 " Kids Colours Chair 179.95Please specify colour:green, yellow, blue or red.For colour-coordinated tables,EE515\x1f15 12 " Kids Colours Chair 204.95Stackable! please see page 87.For help matching chair sizes to tables, please see the chartEE517\x1f17 12 " Teachers on page 96.All chairs come assembled! Kids Colours Chair 219.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'