b'Instant Learning Spaces 235LK401\x1fSCIENCE INSTANT LEARNING SPACELet children explore their world in a ready-to- Alluse discovery space that comes with every- Furniture &thing shownfrom authentic specimens andMaterials aneasy-viewaquariumtoscienceviewers, binoculars and more! 6,599.95 Included!INCLUDES:\x1fHeavy-Duty Cubbies & Shelves Medium Storage Unit\x1f 6\' Forest Green Comfy Round Classroom Carpet\x1f 42" Heavy-Duty Adjustable Round Table \x1f 1112 " Heavy-Duty Stacking Chairs - Set of 4\x1f Clear-View Storage Boxes - Set of 8\x1f Dishwasher-Safe Plastic Basket\x1f Magnifier Centre\x1f Easy-View Classroom Aquarium\x1f See It Grow Plant Lab\x1f Liquid Discovery Tubes\x1f Science Viewers - Set of 3\x1f Magnetic Wands\x1f Kid-Sized Flashlights\x1f Paperback Books - Set of 15\x1fHands-On Science Specimen Centres - Set of 2 \x1f Can Do! Science Discovery Kits - Set of 3\x1f Science Instant Learning Centres - Set of 3 \x1f Animals Up Close Puzzles with Rack\x1fEasy-View Early Science Specimens - Complete Set\x1f Super-Safe Colour Viewers - 2 Sets\x1f Super-Safe Mirrors - 2 Sets\x1f Kid-Sized Binoculars \x1f See-Inside Bucket BalanceLK411\x1fSENSORY EXPLORATIONINSTANT LEARNING SPACEProvidestimulating,hands-onexperiences childrenwilllovewithanall-inclusive spacethatssuper-easytosetup! From a light table and mystery soundcapsulestogel-bead shapes and liquid floor tiles, all thematerialstakesensory learningtoanotherlevelfor hoursofcreativeexploration and tactile play! 4,299.95INCLUDES:\x1fStore & Explore Cart \x1fClear-View Storage Boxes - Set of 3\x1f Colour-Changing Light Table\x1f Dishwasher-Safe Plastic Basket\x1fRainbow Liquid Sensory Viewers\x1fWhats the Sound? Mystery Capsules\x1f Sensory Rings - 2 Sets\x1fGel-Bead Sensory Shapes\x1fMix & Match Sensory Spheres\x1f Motion Discovery Tubes\x1f Tactile Liquid Letters\x1fLight Table Sensory Trays - Set of 2\x1fTranslucent Sensory Rings\x1fTranslucent Sensory Balls\x1f Liquid Floor Tiles Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'