b'Kids Coloursfurniture is available in 4 colours: Furniture 87KIDS COLOURSblue red yellow greenEE517EE515 EE513 EE511 EE509 EE505 EE504KIDS COLOURS STACKING CHAIRS EE504\x1f 6" Kids Colours Chair 134.95 Super-rugged, comfortable seating that stands up to anything children canEE505\x1f7 12 " Kids Colours Chair139.95dish out!Our brawny Kids Colours chairs are built foryears of classroomEE509\x1f9 12 " Kids Colours Chair 159.95usewith securely braced, all-steel frames that are incredibly thick and stable.EE511\x1f11 12 " Kids Colours Chair 169.95Plus, the seats are solidly molded from polypropylene and ergonomicallyEE513\x1f13 12 " Kids Colours Chair 179.95contouredfor superior comfort that lasts and lasts.Lifetime warranty.EE515\x1f15 12 " Kids Colours Chair 204.95Please specify colour:blue, red, yellow or green.For help matching chairEE517\x1f17 12 " Teachers sizes to tables, see the chart on page 96.All chairs come assembled! Kids Colours Chair 219.95Stackable!KIDS COLOURS ADJUSTABLE TABLES Our heavy-duty tables are built KIDS COLOURS ADJUSTABLE to last!Thick, 1 14 " tabletops feature wipe-clean laminate on both the surface & RECTANGULAR TABLES underside, with rounded corners and thick vinyl edgebands for safety & durability. Regular tables adjust from 21" to 30" high.Low tablesPlus, sturdy steel legs easily adjust to the right heightand have tough nylon tips adjust from 15" to 24" high. that protect both legs and floors.G REENGUARDCertified.Lifetime warranty. AB381\x1f30" x 36" Table 649.95 For all Kids Colours tables, specify:blue, red, yellow or green.Easy assembly.AB382\x1fLow 30" x 36" Table 649.95AB383\x1f30" x 48" Table 669.95AB384\x1fLow 30" x 48" Table 669.95AB385\x1f30" x 60" Table699.95AB386\x1fLow 30" x 60" Table 699.95AB387\x1f30" x 78" Table799.95 AB388\x1fLow 30" x 78" Table 799.95Max. seating for Max. seating for Max. seating for Max. seating for30" x 36" table. 30" x 48" table. 30" x 60" table. 30" x 78" table.Max. seatingMax. seating for 42" table. for 48" table. KIDS COLOURS ADJUSTABLEROUND TABLESRegular tables adjust from 21" to 30" high.Low tables adjust from 15" to 24" high. Max. seating for AB371\x1f42" Round Table 759.95 group table. KIDS COLOURS ADJUSTABLE GROUP TABLESRegular table AB372\x1fLow 42" Round Table 759.95 adjusts from 21" to 30" high.Low table adjusts from 15" to 24" high.AB373\x1f48" Round Table 799.95 AB361\x1f48" x 72" Group Table 999.95AB374\x1fLow 48" Round Table 799.95 AB362\x1fLow 48" x 72" Group Table 999.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'