b'Social Studies 225EE359\x1fMOODS & EMOTIONS WOODEN MATCH-UPS Kids identify moods and emotions with our easy-to-use illustrated puz- PP329\x1fALL ABOUT FEELINGS MAGIC BOARDzles!Each self-correcting 2-piece puzzle features a relatable scenarioKids bring feelings to life as they identify, describe and draw on one half and a corresponding emoji on the otherso kids make a6 different emotionsfrom happy & sad to silly & surprised! visual connection between everyday situations and feelings.You getThe 24 adorably illustrated activity cards feature relatable, 24 wooden puzzles in a sturdy box; puzzles are 3 14 " x 7 14 ". 64.95 diverse children expressing specific feelings on the front and corresponding scenes on the back.Students just place a card in the well on the left side of the boarduse the attached stylus to draw a matching expression on the preprinted face outline on the rightthen clear the board to start again.Hidden card storage Sturdy plastic board measures 10 34 " x 14 34 ". 59.95 on back!EE612\x1fLAKESHORE CHARACTER KIDSCooperative, kind, responsible, honest and bravethese are the traits our Lakeshore superheroes stand for!Equipped with remov-ablebases,thecharactersfunctionasplayfiguresorvisible rewards for children who demonstrate positive traits.You getAA708\x1fMOODS & EMOTIONS MIRRORS5 squeezable plastic figures; each measures 6". 74.95 Children identify and understand a range of moods and EE613\x1fCHARACTER KIDS SAVE THE DAY!emotionswithskill-buildingmirrorsthatboostsocial-HARDCOVER BOOK emotional awareness!Each has a safe, shatterproof mirror An ordinary school day becomes extraordinary with the Lakeshoreon one side and an expressive photo on the otherhelping Character Kids!They save the day with special powerslike honestykids recognize and identify each emotion in themselves!Mirrors help children and kindnessand teach children the value of sharing, facing theirSet of 6 plastic mirrors with chubby, easy-grip handles;identify their own moods fears and more.With 26 rhyme-filled pages. 29.95 each mirror measures 8 14 ". 69.95 and emotions!GC108\x1fPRESCHOOL GA328\x1fLEARNING TO GET ALONG BOOK SETEE621\x1fSOCIAL-EMOTIONAL PHOTO LIBRARY PICTURE GLOBEThis From resolving conflicts & sharing to being kind & polite, theseGet kids talking about feelings, positive character traits andbeginners globe features colour-engaging books teach children the skills they need to getmorewith 100 photo cards that promote social-emotionalful, easy-to-understand picture along with others!The paperback collection includes 8 booksunderstanding!Featuringaphotoonfrontandaicons showing landmarks, people with simple text and expressive illustrations, plus discussioncorresponding description or prompt on back, the cardsand more, so even pre-readers can questions and activity ideas in back that reinforce a varietycover 8 kid-friendly categories and come in a storage boxexplore early geography concepts! of social-emotional skills.Each book is 35 pages. 199.95 with tabbed dividers.Cards measure 4 12 " x 5 34 ". 56.95 Measures 10" in diameter. 94.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'