b'10 Sand & WaterClean Water Dirty WaterLC737\x1fPUMP & PLAY MUD KITCHEN LC883\x1fPRETEND & PLAY MUD OVENOur rustic Kids get as creativeand messyas they want with our outdoor mud kitchen!The rugged plasticoutdoor mud oven lets children cook up all kinds of fun!The unit features a real-working sink on top that pumps clean water from the clean-water tub into theeasy-clean, weather-resistant plastic unit features 2 roomy main basina chunky plug that easily lifts out to drain water and mud from the sink into the dirty- shelves, 5 leaf-shaped knobs that click as they turn, 4 pretend water tuba shelf and hooks for storing accessories (sold separately)and a roomy, easy-cleanburners on the stove & more.Oven is 23 12 "w x 25 12 "d x 31"h. surface for molding muddy masterpieces!All 3 tubs easily remove for cleaning, and kids can evenComes assembled.Accessories sold separately. 1,289.95wash up in the sink!Measures 46 12 "w x 24"d x 43"h.Assembly required. 1,829.95 LC884\x1fMud Oven PlaysetIncludes 2 pie plates, LC738\x1fMud Kitchen PlaysetTwo 6 12 "pie plates, 2 bowls, 6 utensils & a utensil holder. 104.95 2 pots, a ladle and a 13 12 "-long cookie sheet.99.95LA129LA719X\x1fGIANT CLEAR-VIEW WATER PLAY TABLEThis giant play Cycle throughtable features a clear, unbreakable tub with a drain at one endso when children a wide range are done splashing and experimenting, you just turn the spigot and let the water of colours! out.Lightweight plastic tub comes in a no-rust aluminum stand with slip-resistant, HH169\x1fSUPER-SAFE LIGHT-UP WATER TABLE rubber-tipped legs that keep the table secure, stable and at just the right height Our versatile light-up table is durable, portable and rechargeableperfectfor children!Measures 30"w x 18"d x 21 12 "h.Easy assembly. 529.95for use outdoors with water or indoors with beads and other sensory mate- LA129\x1fTop for Water Play TablePerfect for covering our table above rials!Rugged plastic table comes with a remote control featuring a varietybetween play sessions.Tough plastic; measures 30 14 " x 18 14 ". 134.95of colour and light settingsand charges using the included wall adaptor. Table measures 31 14 "w x 23"h; with an internal depth of 7 14 ".ComesSTAY-DRY WATER PLAY SMOCKRugged vinyl slip-on smock fits ages 2-5.assembled. 1,149.95 LA987\x1fEach27.95 LA987Z\x1fDozen329.95Lakeshore'