b'Puzzles 61LA915X \x1f BUILD & PLAY LOGIC PUZZLES - COMPLETE SETPlan and build a bustling city, a suburban town and a rural communitywith our fun-to-solve puzzles!Each puzzle has a sturdy wood tray with cutout spaces to fit the 3-D building pieces.Kids use problem-solving and spatial reasoning skills to arrange the pieceseither alone or in combinationsuntil HH519 \x1f ALL KINDS OF FAMILIES PUZZLE SET they find the one solution where all the pieces fit in place!Set of all 3 puz-Our beautifully photographed puzzles give children a look at all kinds of fami- zles; each measures 8 12 " x 11 12 " and includes 9-10 pieces.174.95liesfrom interracial and single-parent families to multigenerational households!Each puzzle is also available separately. Set includes 8 wooden puzzles that feature families from a variety of ethnicLA912 \x1f In the City Puzzle59.95backgroundsand introduce themes like adoption, differing abilities, familyLA914 \x1f On the Farm Puzzle 59.95relationships & more.Each 9" x 12" puzzle has 8-10 raised pieces. 159.95 LA913 \x1f Around the Town Puzzle 59.95PP1100X\x1fCLASSROOM FLOOR PUZZLES - COMPLETE SETMeasures The fascinating images on our giant floor puzzles give students an up-close look at favourite classroomover 4 feet themesfrom transportation and dinosaurs to bugs, seasons and more! Set of 15. tall!Complete Set474.95Floor puzzles are also available separately.Each31.95PP1116\x1fCelebrating DiversityPP1113\x1fOn the Farm Floor PuzzleFloor Puzzle Measures 2 feet x 3 feet; with 48 pieces. Measures 2 feet x 3 feet; with 48 pieces.PP1110\x1fConstruction Site Floor PuzzlePP1101\x1fAlphabet Train Floor Puzzle Measures 2 feet x 3 feet; with 48 pieces.Measures 10 feet long; with 27 pieces. PP1109\x1fOcean Animals PP1102\x1fNumber Train Floor Puzzle Floor Puzzle Measures 10 feet long; with 21 pieces. Measures 2 feet PP1115\x1fBusy Bugs Floor Puzzle x 3 feet; with Measures 2 feet x 3 feet; with 48 pieces.48 pieces.PP1107\x1fSafari Animals Floor PuzzleMeasures 2 feet x 3 feet; with 48 pieces.PP1103\x1fDinosaurs Floor PuzzleOver 4 feet tall; with 48 pieces.(Shown at right.)PP1114\x1fTransportation Floor PuzzleMeasures 2 feet x 3 feet; with 48 pieces.PP1106\x1fFairy Tale Floor PuzzleMeasures 2 feet x 3 feet; with 48 pieces.PP1111\x1fAll Four Seasons Floor Puzzles Set of four 12" x 18" puzzles, each with 12 pieces. PP1112\x1fWorld Map Floor PuzzleMeasures 2 feet x 3 feet; with 48 pieces.PP1108\x1fFire Engine Floor PuzzleMeasures over 4 feet long; with 48 pieces. PP1104\x1fOur Solar System Floor Puzzle Measures over 4 feet long; with 48 pieces.Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'