b'Furniture 75FLEX-SPACE JR.FLEX-SPACE JR. ERGO STACKING CHAIRS Ergonomically contoured for superior comfort, our attractive chairs are designed for the early childhood classroom of today! Featuring solid polypropylene seats and heavy-duty, powder-coated steel frames, the easy-to-stack chairs are built to last through years of tough use.Plus, their neutral tan shadeStackable!will complement any modern learn-ing space.Lifetime warranty.For help matching chair sizes to tables, please see the chart on page LK974 LK973 LK972 LK971 LK970 96.All chairs come assembled!LK970 \x1f 9 12 " Chair 139.95 LK971 \x1f 11 12 " Chair 149.95FLEX-SPACE JR.MOBILE CLASSROOM TABLESOur mobile tables offer flexibility & versatilityLK972 \x1f 13 12 " Chair 169.95for every 21st-century early childhood classroom!Featuring a natural-looking tabletop with wipe-clean lami- LK973 \x1f 15 12 " Chair 179.95nate on both the surface and underside, each rugged table also has a thick vinyl edgeband, full-steel frames, height-adjustable legs and locking casters.G REENGUARD olour- LK974 \x1f 17 12 " Teachers Chair 199.95Certified.Lifetime warranty.Easy assembly.Ccoordinated chairs sold above and on p. 96.For help matching table sizes to chairs, see the chart on p. 96.LK354Max. seating forMax. seatingMax. seating LK357\x1fMOBILE Mobile Group Table. for 42" table. for 48" table. GROUP TABLE MOBILE ROUND TABLESOur curved, horseshoe- Tables adjust fromshaped table keeps chil- 18" to 26" high. drenineasyviewandLK354\x1f42" Round Table(Shown.) 1,449.95reach of teachersfor all sorts of group activities!Measures 72"w x 48"d; adjusts from 18" to 26" high. 1,999.95 LK355\x1f48" Round Table 1,549.95LK353Max. seating Arrange two trapezoid tables to Max. seating forMax. seating forMax. seating forfor Mobile seat groups of up to 8 students!30" x 36" table. 30" x 48" table. 30" x 60" table. Trapezoid Table.MOBILE RECTANGULAR TABLESTables adjust from 18" to 26" high. LK351\x1f30" x 36" Rectangular Table 1,249.95 LK356\x1fMOBILE TRAPEZOID TABLE LK352\x1f 30" x 48" Rectangular Table 1,349.95 Our versatile table seats up to 5 childrenor push two tables together to create even bigger groups!Measures LK353\x1f30" x 60" Rectangular Table(Shown.) 1,449.95 60"w x 30"d; adjusts from 18" to 26" high. 1,449.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'