b'180 LanguageBASIC SKILLSJust open the magnetic roof to collect the tiles!AA410X\x1fMATCH-A-SOUND! PHONEMIC AWARENESS BOXES - COMPLETE SETJJ157\x1fWHATS THE RHYME? SORTING HOUSES Our activity boxes feature cute manipulatives and activity mats that focus Students master rhyming sounds as they match word tiles to our cuteon beginning, ending or rhyming sounds.Kids search for 3 objects housesand drop them in!Each chipboard house has a word on front andthat have the same sound pictured on the matlike matching a cat, rat a picture clue to help identify the rhyming sound.Kids find the illustratedand bat to the picture of a hat!Each box includes 30 manipulatives & tiles that match the rhyme on each house and slip them through the window10 mats.You get all 3 boxes; mats are 9" x 9". 264.95to sort them into their homes.Then children lift the magnetic roofs toEach box is also available separately.Each89.95remove the tilesand check their answers on back!Set includesAA413\x1fRhyming Sounds AA411\x1fBeginning Sounds 10 houses and 50 tiles; each house measures 4 38 ". 61.95 AA412\x1fEnding Sounds(Shown.)LL435X\x1fMAGNETIC SOUND SORTING BOARDS - COMPLETE SET Each set is also available separately.Kids match a sock with a clock, a block and a rockand build phonemic awareness!Each set focusesLL436\x1fBeginning Sounds 66.95on a different conceptwith 72 picture magnets that represent 18 phonics soundsplus anLL438\x1fEnding Sounds 66.958" x 10 12 " magnetic board for easy sorting.Just place 3 starter magnets at the top of the board, then stu- LL439\x1fRhyming Sounds 66.95dents add magnets to the columns below to sort words that share the same sound!All 3 sets. 194.95RJ27\x1fTHE MYSTERY BOXWhats inside The Mystery Box?Just reach in and find out!The 10 34 " hardwood box has large hand openings covered with soft vinyl at both ends, so students can match and compare the objects insideby touch alone.As children explore, they build tactile awareness,vocabulary,memoryand communication skills.Plus, the boxs roomy interior even lets little hands work together! Objects sold separately. 87.95PP214\x1fTouch & Match Guessing GamePerfect with our Mystery Box, this fun game features 30 objects to feel and explore. Students try to identify the objects as theyPP214touch each one, then match them to the 30 picture cards.With a timer and a playing30 objects, plus matching picture cards.guide. 62.95Lakeshore'