b'240 Index Early Math Activity Centre.208 Explore & Play Activity Rattles.144 Fine Motor Tweezer Tongs32Early Math Extra-Large Messy Mats161 Finger Cymbals62Folder Game Libraries207 Extra-Wide Adjustable Fingerpaint Paper.162Early Reading Quiz Cards, Pocket Chart Stand.202 Fire Engine Floor Puzzle61Diversity Power Pen!.182 Eyes, Wiggly.166 First Climber, Crawl & Explore.136see Multicultural Early Skills Game Library.236 First Composition Book.201Dividers, Room.118 Early Writing Page, F First Little Readers.193DNealian Ruled Chart Tablet203 Giant Magnetic201 Fabric Collage Animals .167 First Pegboard Set.146Doctor Puppet56 Early Years Ball Toss.138 Fadeless Paper Rolls163 First Picture-StoryDoctors Office.51 Earth & Environment Fairy Tale Floor Puzzle.61 Composition Book201Doll Adaptive Equipment.49 Theme Box & Book Library.184 Fairy Tales Problem Solving First Puzzle Set, Big Knob.149Doll Bassinet, Soft & Washable.48 Easel, Hardwood Mobile Teaching. STEM Kits216-217 First Steps Classroom Carpets.Doll Bedding Set49 .119 Fairy Tales Storytime Viewers.171 .131Doll Clothes48 Easel, Indoor/Outdoor 2-Station. Families Poster Pack.224 First Steps Furniture.129-131Dollhouses & Furniture. .154 Families Puzzle Set, All Kinds of.61 Fish Builders.145.46-47, 49, 142 Easel Paper.150, 163 Families Theme Fish Counters.204Dolls, Feelings & Emotions140 Easels, Painting150-151, 154-155 Box & Book Library.185 Fishing for Sight-Words.192Dolls, Feels Real.48 Easels, Teaching82, 118-119, 201 Family Child Care Fishing! Playset, Lets Go145Dolls from Around the World.47 Easy-Access Book Centre, Environment Rating Scale & Fishing Poles, Magnetic.192Dolls, Huggable & Washable.48 Kids Colours.86 Product Correlation.229 5-Minute Sand Timer.227Dolls, Washable47-48, 140 Easy-Build Bricks.31 Family Engagement Backpacks Five SensesDominoes29, 205, 236 Easy-Clean Comfy Chair.43, 105 .178 Instant Learning Centre220Dot Art Painters153 Easy-Clean Comfy Couch.43, 105 Family Engagement Five SensesDouble-Duty Storage Centre.130 Easy-Clean Pocket Bibs123 Language Packs182 Theme Box & Book Library.185Double-Sided Counters.205 Easy-Clean Snap-On Tray.123 Family Engagement Flannel Boards.203Double-Sided Learn to Print Easy-Climb Step Stool.130 Math Packs209 Flashlights, Kid-Sized221Write & Wipe Board.198 Easy-Grip Family Engagement Packs Fleece Blanket, Super-Soft121Double-Sided Jumbo Pegs & Pegboard.207 Storage Rack.182, 209 Flex-Space Jr. Chairs.75Magnetic Letter Tiles.187 Easy-Grip Safety Tweezers.37 Farm Animal Counters.204 Flex-Space Jr. Double-Sided Easy-Grip Triangular Pencils.201 Farm Animals, Clear-View Bins.74Magnetic Number Tiles.210 Easy-Reach Safety Crib.121 Dramatic Play54-55 Flex-Space Jr. Furniture.75Double-Sided Magnetic Easy-Reach Storage Centre116 Farms Theme Box & Book Library Flex-Space Jr. Write & Wipe Boards.198-199 Easy-Ride Chopper Trike21 .185 Mobile Book Centre73Double-Sided Storage Units. Easy-Squeeze Feathers, Coloured.166 Flex-Space Jr. .81, 126 Fine Motor Scoops33 Feed-The-Animals Mobile Classroom Nook.74Double-Sided Easy-Squeeze Scissors.164 Fine Motor Games37 Flexi Blocks, Soft & Safe139Write & Wipe Magnetic Easel.201 Easy-Stack Cots & Carrier. Feeding Set, Baby Doll48 Flexible Foam Shapes.167Double-Space Drying Racks.154 79, 86, 106, 122 Feel & Roll Bumpy Balls.145 Flip & Solve Math Boards209Double-Wide Teaching Easel119 Easy-Stick Glitter Shapes167 Feelings & Emotions.33, 60, 140, Flip Books, Change-A-Sound.190Dough Assortment Sets.160 Easy-Twist Animal Builders.144 149, 161, 170-171, 175-176, 197, Float & Find Alphabet Bubbles8Dough, Mad Mattr Sensory.161 Easy-View Classroom Aquarium. 224-225 Float & Find Number Bubbles.8Dough Mats, .218 Feelings & Emotions Dough Mats. Floor Pillows.107, 137Feelings & Emotions.161 Easy-View Science Specimens.219 .161 Floor Puzzles61Dough Stampers, Eating Healthy184-185 Feelings & Emotions Floor SeatingAlphabet & Number.160 Economy Sand & Water Table9 Paperback Library.175 .103-105, 107, 122, 136-137Dramatic Play10, 23-27, 30, Egg Shakers.63 Feelings & Emotions Puzzles.60 Floor Seats, Indoor/Outdoor10340-57, 69, 126, 140-142, 225, 232 8-Station Junction Boxes64 Feelings & Emotions Floor Tiles, Liquid.3Dramatic Play Animals.54-55 Electric Pencil Sharpener.226 Washable Dolls140 Foam Dice205Dramatic Play Food.42-44, 141 Elevator, Block Play.25 Feelings Board Book Collection, Foam Letters18Dramatic Play Furniture. Emergent Readers.193 Dealing with.176 Foam Number Dice205.10, 40-42, 69, 126, 140-141 Emotion Friends, Gel-Bead.2 Feels Real Dolls48 Foam Sensory Paint.5Dramatic Play Emotion Slider, Feely Box, Whats Inside? Soft.143 Foam Sheets167Instant Learning Space.232 Find Your Feelings2 Felt166 Fold & Roll Units, Heavy-Duty.81Dramatic Play Kitchen Emotional Development Festival of Colours Folder Game Libraries,.10, 40-41, 80, 140-141 .see Social-Emotional Development Hardcover Book173 Early Language179Dramatic Play Puppets56-57 Emotions & Feelings.33, 60, 140, Festival of Colours Folder Game Libraries,Dramatic Play Tables.40-41, 54 149, 161, 170-171, 175-176, 197, Storytelling Kit.173 Early Math207Draw & Write Journals.197 224-225 Fiction Books Folding Rest Mats107Drawing Board, Magnetic35 Emotions & Feelings Dolls.140 148, 170-177, 193, 225 Food & NutritionDrawing Paper162 Empathy Books171, 175 Fidget Poppers.4 Theme Box & Book Library.184Drawstring Ball Bag.19 Ending Sounds Game, 15-Player Rhythm Set62 Food Basket, Toddler-Safe.141Dress-Up50-53, 126, 142 Splash! Jr.183 Figures, Animal. Food, Dramatic Play42-44, 141Dress-Up Centre, Engineer-A-Coaster Activity Kit.215 27, 34, 37, 54-55, 144, 146, 204 Football, Easy-Grip19Heavy-Duty Toddler126 Engineering Centres, Fill a Bucket Hardcover Book170 Forest Animal Figures54Dress-Up Centre, Help-Yourself.53 Design & Build.214 Fill a Bucket Storytelling Kit.170 Forest Friends Playset.144Dress-Up Tree50 Engineering, Science.32, 217 Fill-In-The-Blank Language 4-Letter Word Building Puzzles.191Dress-Up Trunks53, 142 Environment & Earth Magnetic Activity Tins.183 4-Way Sand & Water Table.11Dressing Frames36 Theme Box & Book Library.184 Fill It Up! Fine Motor Jars.33 Frames, Collage.169Drum Centre, Outdoor.63 Environment Rating Scales.229 Find the Letter Activity Centre.188 French Map-a-Story Drums.62-63 Equipment Carts19 Find the Number Activity Centre. Pocket Chart Program .194 Dry-Erasesee Write & Wipe Erasers, .210 French Reading Comprehension Drying Racks, Art.151, 153-154 Write & Wipe Lapboard.198 Find Your Feelings Emotion Slider Overhead Kit .194 Duo-Finish Butcher Paper Rolls Ergo Stacking Chair, Teachers.75 .2 French Teaching Tubs 194 .163 Ergo Stacking Chairs.75 Fine Motor Activities.2-5, 28-39, Fruit Counters.204Everyday Songs & Activities Box 139, 144-148, 161, 168, 187-189, Fry Bread: A Native American FamilyE .229 196, 206, 210-211, 213, 217, 225, Story Hardcover Book173Early Childhood Environment Rating Experiments, Science 236 Fry Bread: A Native American FamilyScale & Product Correlation.229 .7, 147, 219-222 Fine Motor Scissor Scoops.32 Story Storytelling Kit173Early Language Activity Boxes179 Exploration Set, Fine Motor Scoops, Fully Washable Liquid Tempera150Early Language Outdoor Ramps.12 Easy-Squeeze.33Folder Game Libraries179Lakeshore'