b'Arts & Crafts 153DOT ART PAINTERSGentlydabthesedotty painters to make dazzling patterns, or brush them on toproduceaclassic paintedlook!Painters come in no-splash, no-spill bottles; each is 2.5 fl. oz.EV212RegularDot Art PaintersPG672\x1fKWIK STIX MULTICULTURAL COLOURS Set of 6 colours. 29.95These brush-free painters come in a variety of skin tonesso every childEV213Shimmering feels represented!With a quick twist, kids reveal the solid tempera paint Dot Art Paintersanduseittodrawthemselves,theirfriendsandmore.Plus,theSet of 5 colours. 29.95mess-free paint dries smooth in 90 seconds!You get 14 paint sticks inEV214Brilliant14 colours; each stick is 3 12 ". 19.95 Dot Art PaintersSet of 6 colours. 29.95EV212 EV213 EV214KWIK STIX TEMPERA PAINTERS Childrensimplytwisttocreatewiththese convenient,all-in-onepaintersnobrushes required!Each 3 12 " stick is packed with solidJust twist & tempera paint that produces smooth, crack-freepaintnoEV375\x1fDOT ART PAINTERS - CLASS PACKpicturesand dries in 90 seconds!brushes needed!These vibrant painters are perfect for creating fun patterns with gentle dabsor a TS996\x1fClass Pack traditionalpaintedlookwithlong,fullstrokes!Thegiantsetincludes 96 painters in 12 colours.(Shown.) 104.95 72 splash-free painters (6 each of 12 different colours) in a convenient storage boxTS997\x1fStudent Pack12 painters in 12 colours. 14.95 enough for the entire class.Each no-spill bottle is 2.5 fl. oz. 349.95DF468SPONGE PAINTING DESIGN SET EE524LAKESHORE TABLETOP DRYING RACKChildren create eye-catching designs with easy-to-use sponge painters!TheKeep kids artwork in pristine conditionwhile saving classroom space! 20 sponge painters have chunky, easy-grip handles, so kids get creative with- Sturdy, lightweight rack sets up easily on any tabletopwith 10 reinforced out getting paint on their hands.Plus, with rollers and stampers, kids canshelves designed to hold 12" x 18" paperor 2 sheets of 9" x 12" paper.make everything from zigzag patterns & polka dots to hearts, flowers andPlus, the shelves are a big 1 12 "apart, so even bulky projects dry flat!Rack more!Includes an 8 12 " x 18 14 " paint tray. 54.95 measures 19"w x 13"d x 15 12 "h. 199.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'