b'Infants & Toddlers 147AA803\x1fPLAY & EXPLORE COLOUR-CHANGING LIGHT CENTREOur super-sturdy light centre creates a safe and invitingspacewherelittleonescanbuildwith blocks, explore colour and light, and more!The wooden centre features a heavy-duty acrylic panel with a beveled edgeplus a big, LED-illuminated surface that displays 4 vibrant coloursand stays cool to the touch even after extended use.It also comes with an easy-to-use remote control that allows teachers to change or dim the colours at the touch of a button!Plug-in unit is 24"w x 3"h. Blocks sold separately. 639.95Remote control letsSurface displays 4 glowing colours!you choose andRA432\x1fCrystal Building BlocksPerfectchange colours withfor use with our light centre, translucent blocks add the touch of a button! a shimmering touch to brick building!168 plastic pieces in a tote.Large blocks are 2 12 ". 84.95DD659\x1fSUPER-SAFE MIRRORS DD657\x1fSUPER-SAFE COLOUR VIEWERS DD658\x1fSUPER-SAFE MAGNIFIERSWithTots love to see their reflections in our safe,Even babies can explore colours with our super-safechunky handles, rounded edges & a shatterproof shatterproofmirrors!Eachpermanentlyviewers!The translucent 6 12 " viewers are made ofdesign, our 6 12 " magnifiers encourage early explora-encased mirror wont break & has an easy-gripshatterproof acrylicwith chunky plastic handles.Settion!Set of 4 magnifiers, each with a clear acrylic plastic handle.Set of 4; each is 6 12 ". 36.95 of 6 viewers includes 2 each of 3 colours. 32.95 lens encased in a sturdy plastic frame. 32.95Magnification MagnetismColourReflection Sink or Float DD614\x1fSUPER-SAFE SPECIMEN VIEWERSPerfectly sized for little hands, our AA866 \x1f LAKESHORE TODDLER SCIENCE CENTREDoes a rubber ducky sink or float?Whatingenious viewers give toddlers a safe, up-close can a magnet pick up?What does a snakes skin look like up close?Little ones discover the answers tolook at real science specimensfrom a butterfly these questions and more with a toddler-safe science centre made especially for them!Weve packedto a sea star!Each plastic viewer has 2 chunky, the centre with tons of super-safe materials children will love to explore, giving them hands-on experienceeasy-grip handles and a durable acrylic panel with essential science conceptsfrom magnification and reflection to colour recognition.Centre includesthat protects the specimen while giving kids a everything shown, for a total of 34 pieces; the base for the shatterproof mirrors is 9 12 " long. 134.95 crystal-clear view.Set of 4; each is 5 58 ". 49.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'