b'Science 223LC3540X\x1fPREPARED SLIDES - COMPLETE SETIncludes all 4 kits listed below; each kit features 12 ready-to-use slides. 94.95Each slide kit is also available sep. LC3543\x1fInsects 23.95LC3541\x1fPlants 23.95LC3545\x1fVegetables 23.95LC3547\x1fAnimals23.95VS101\x1fHEAVY-DUTY SCHOOL MICROSCOPE TB490 \x1f TABLETOP LIGHT PANELThis heavy-duty microscope has a classic, kid-friendly design thatsPerfect for scientific demonstrations and detailed observations, this ultra-slim LED easy to useand its built classroom-tough to withstand years oflight panel is easy to set up and easy to store!Simply place it on a table and switch exploration!The microscope has a 40X magnification andon the lightthen put X-rays and other objects on the 13" x 17 12 " surface for a clear exceptionally clear optics, with a wide base for extra stability andview of specimens.Plastic; with rubber feet and an AC adaptor. 369.952 metal clips that hold slides in place.It even tilts for easyR5911 \x1f Human X-Rays - Set of 1818 real, life-size X-rays offer an inside view of viewing!Rugged metal; measures 12 12 " tall. 159.95 the human body!Largest is 10 34 " x 12 78 ". 37.95LA888\x1fLEARN TO BRUSHDEMONSTRATION KITIts easy to demonstrate good oral hygiene with jumbo teeth and an oversize tooth -brush!The plastic teeth are hinged, so toothbrush bristles can clean all teeth, even in hard-to-reach areas!Teeth measure 6 14 " across; toothbrush is 14 12 ".With a detailed guide on proper brushing. 61.95LA176\x1fHELP-YOURSELF PITCHERS - SET OF 6Children practice serving themselveswith easy-pour pitchers sized just for them!Our plastic pitchers feature no-splash spouts for easy pouringplus secure snap-on tops for quick storage.Set of 6 dishwasher-safe pitchers; each is 6 12 " tall.Cup not included. 66.95Shake and listen! LA936\x1fHYGIENIC TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER FOR 10Store toothbrushes in a clean, protective environment!Our clear acrylic holder has room for 10 brushes, plus space to add labels with childrens names.17 12 " rack Twist to reveal!keeps water from puddling; with supplies forScreen protects brushes.hanging.Toothbrushes not included. 154.95HH506\x1fWHATS THE SOUND? MYSTERY CAPSULES LA934\x1fScreen Cover for Toothbrush Holder for 10Bug-proof, Students explore their sense of hearing with our peekaboo capsules!washable nylon screen features an open weave to allow drying. 24.95Kids just give one of the durable plastic capsules a shake, guess whatsLA935\x1fHYGIENIC TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER FOR 12Acrylic holder making the sound, then twist the capsule and look through a safe acrylicis 8 14 " x 21".With supplies for hanging. (Not shown.) 169.95window to reveal the mystery objects permanently sealed inside.Set includes 8 sturdy capsules filled with beads, buttons, springs and more.LA933\x1fScreen Cover for Toothbrush Holder for 12Same as the Each capsule measures 3 12 ". 58.95 cover above (LA934), but designed to fit LA935.(Not shown.) 26.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'