b'Furniture 89CLASSIC BIRCHLIFETIMEWARRANTYJJ195 JJ168 JJ167CLASSROOM STORAGE UNITS Puzzles, books, board games and more JJ167 \x1f Toddler Storage UnitFeatures 5 spacious compartments at our super-accessible storage units have room for tons of classroom sup- just the right height for toddlers.Measures 47"w x 11 34 "d x 24"h. 839.95plies!The rugged birch units come in 3 convenient sizesso you can chooseJJ168 \x1f Preschool Storage UnitJust like our unit abovebut per-the height thats just right for your classroom.Plus, the storage units featurefectly sized for preschoolers!Measures 47"w x 11 34 "d x 30"h. 939.95a kid-friendly, easy-access design with big, open compartments, so materialsJJ195 \x1f All-Purpose Storage UnitWith 3 shelves and 8 roomy com-ofallshapesandsizesareeasytoseeandalwaysrightwithinreach! G REENGUARDCertified.Lifetime warranty.All units come assembled! partments for even more storage space.47"w x 11 34 "d x 36"h. 1,149.95JJ166JJ165JJ633CLASSROOM CUBBY STORAGE UNITSThese incredibly versatile units make it a cinch to store tons of classroom suppliesin super-easy reach!Perfect alone or with our clear-view bins (sold separately), each hardwood unit has spacious cubbies that hold everything from childrens belongings to art supplies, manipulatives and more.You can even place the units side by side for more storage space!G REENGUARDCertified. Lifetime warranty.All units come assembled!JJ165 \x1f8-Cubby Storage UnitMeasures 19"w x 14"d x 30"h. 579.95JJ188\x1fLOCKING STORAGE CABINET WT111 \x1fClear-View Bins - Set of 8Each is 13 12 " x 8" x 5" high. 159.95Our sturdy hardwood cabinet locks for safetyso valuable supplies andJJ633 \x1f12-Cubby Storage UnitMeasures 28 12 "w x 14"d x 30"h. 839.95equipment stay secure!Extra-roomy cabinet has 5 spacious shelves toLM133 \x1fClear-View Bins - Set of 12Each is 13 12 " x 8" x 5" high. 239.95keep materials neat and organizedand 2 of the shelves even adjust for custom storage.Measures 30"w x 23"d x 61"h.G REENGUARDJJ166 \x1f20-Cubby Storage UnitMeasures 47"w x 14"d x 30"h. 1,169.95Certified.Lifetime warranty.Comes assembled! 2,149.95 LM103 \x1fClear-View Bins - Set of 20Each is 13 12 " x 8" x 5" high. 399.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'