b'48 Dramatic Play WW451 WW452 WW453 WW454WW441 WW442 WW443 WW444WW440SET\x1fLAKESHORE WASHABLE BABY DOLLS WW450SET\x1f20" HUGGABLE & WASHABLE BIG BABY DOLLSThese dolls are super-detailed and incredibly lifelike, yet tough enough forCute, cuddly and a cinch to care for, these big baby dolls are completely machine-classroom use and machine-washing!The 11" dolls have movable armswashable!Each squeezably soft multi-ethnic doll has all the details of a real babyand legs and squeezably soft bodiesplus interchangeable hook & loopincluding a removable hook & loop outfit, a unique facial expression and movable outfits.Molded vinyl and soft cloth.All 4 dolls. 149.95 arms and legs!All 4 dolls; made of molded vinyl with polyester filling. 179.95Washable dolls are also available separately.Each38.95 Washable dolls are also available separately.Each46.95WW441\x1f Doll One WW443\x1f Doll Three WW451\x1f Doll One WW453\x1f Doll Three WW442\x1f Doll Two WW444\x1f Doll Four WW452\x1f Doll Two WW454\x1f Doll FourWW503 WW504 WW513 WW514WW511WW501 WW502 \x1f WW512WW500SET\x1fFEELS REALWW510SET NEWBORN DOLLS These super- FEELS REAL BABY DOLLSauthentic dolls have the look and feel ofKids cant wait to care for these lifelike dolls! real newborns!Each 10" doll is incrediblyThe 14" multi-ethnic dolls have distinct facial detailed from head to toewith movablefeatures, plus realistically molded heads, arms & legs, plus lifelike facial features!SetDS205\x1fClothes forarms & legsso theyre fun to take care of.DS305 \x1f Clothes for of 4 dolls in 4 ethnicities, all made of molded10" Newborn Dolls Kids can even change their easy-to-fasten14" Baby Dollswipe-clean vinyl. 74.95 Super-sweet clothing fea- diapers!Set of 4 molded vinyl dolls. 94.95 Thissuper-softclothingis turesslip-ondesigns,Each doll is also available sep. Each24.95 fully machine-washable!Our Each doll is also available sep. Each19.95 WW511\x1fDoll One WW501 \x1fDoll One hook & loop closures andWW512\x1fDoll Two10-piece polyester set includes WW502 \x1fDoll Two machine-washable fabric.WW513\x1fDoll Three4 hats, 2 shirts, 2 onesies and WW503 \x1fDoll Three Set of 10 pieces. 44.95 WW514\x1fDoll Four 2 bottoms. 54.95WW504 \x1fDoll FourDS240\x1fBABY DOLL DS239\x1fBABY DOLL FEEDING SET DD539\x1fSOFT & WASHABLE DOLLBLANKETS & BOTTLES Perfect for adding a super-realistic touch to dramatic playBASSINETOur soft and cozy bassinet is the These super-soft blankets and easy-gripareas,ourdarlingsetoffeedingtimeessentialsletsperfectadditiontoanydramaticplaynursery! bottles are great for enhancing doll play!children serve meals to up to 4 baby dolls at once!TheSized to hold 10"-14" dolls, the lightweight bassi-Youget4machine-washablepolyesterdurable set comes with 4 machine-washable, easy-onnet features sweet, realistic detailing, plus carrying blankets,plus4matchingbabybottlesfabric bibs sized to fit 10"-14" dolls, 4 divided plates,handles and a fold-open cover with hook & loop madefromdurable,kid-safeplastic.4 double-ended utensils and 4 sippy cups.Plastic platesfastenerforeasyaccesstodolls.Machine-Blankets measure 18" square. 42.95 measure 3 12 " in diameter. 36.95 washable; 10" x 15".Doll sold sep. 53.95Lakeshore'