b'Science 221PP512\x1fLAKESHORE MAGNET KITAmaze children with the wonders of magnetism as they make magnets float in midair, go on a magnetic scavenger hunteven see how a magnets poles work!Kit comes with all your class needsforunlimitedexploration, including magnetic wands, horseshoe magnets, bar magnets and more.You also get 20 activity cards featuring exciting experiments, each with an explanation on back to reinforce key concepts and ideas!Over 100 pieces, all in a storage tub. 119.95Includes 40 patterns for children to follow!RJ200\x1fMAGNET DISCOVERY BOARD PP38351\x1fSTACK & MATCH MAGNET PP38330SET\x1fMAGNETIC WANDS - SET As children run the attached, fully enclosed magnetRINGS Children simply follow the cards toOF 12Its amazing what these super-strong over our board, objects like nails and paper clipsstackringmagnetsandcreatecolourfulmagnets can do!The easy-grip plastic wands cling to the magnetwhile rocks and buttons dontpatternswhile getting a firsthand look at howhave a powerful magnet safely sealed insidebudge!Students love predicting outcomes andmagnets attract and repel!The set comes with exploring magnetism hands on!The hardwood and10 magnets, 40 patterns and a 6 14 " stand. 19.95 children just grab the handle to explore attraction acrylic board measures 12 12 ". 56.95 and repulsion with classroom objectsor with other wands!Set of 12; each is 8". 29.95FS326SUPER-SAFE PRISMS - SET OF 6 FS383KID-SIZED SAFETY GOGGLES -FS489KID-SIZED FLASHLIGHTS - With a shatterproof design and eased edges,SET OF 6These flexible plastic goggles areSET OF 6these acrylic prisms are perfect for early scienceperfect for childrenwith ventilation holes on topThese sturdy LED flashlights are lightweight exploration!Set includes 6 prisms; eachand bottom, plus a stretchy strap in back thatand sized for kids hands!Set includes six measures 4 34 " long. 68.95 adjusts for a perfect fit.You get 6 pairs of6 14 " plastic flashlights; each uses 2 AA goggles in 3 colours; each measures 6". 52.95 batteries (not incl.). 33.95LA444HAND MAGNIFIERS - LA653SHATTERPROOF SET OF 12 View objects upSAFETY MIRRORS - SET OF 12close with our lightweight magnifiers.Plastic mirrors are super-safe and 2 12 " glass lenses in tough plasticshatterproofgreat for experimentingBA109 \x1f SEE-INSIDEBUCKETBALANCE This super-versatile frames. 76.95 with light.Each is 3" x 4". 41.95 balance gives kids a clear view of science in action!Each removable, see-inside LA573Hand Magnifiers -LA654Shatterproof Safetybucket holds both liquids & solidsso children can observe, weigh & compare Set of 36 224.95 Mirrors - Set of 36 119.95 water, rocks, feathers & more.Durable plastic; measures 15 12 " wide. 34.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'