b'212 MathNUMBERS & COUNTINGCounters are double-sided!GA920TEN-FRAMES CLASS SET LC471JUMBO MAGNETIC TEN-FRAMES - SET OF 4 Kids can visualize a variety of math concepts with these skill-building trays andExplore base ten number concepts with the whole classwith our giant counters!Each tray has raised grid lines that keep counters in place as kidsmagnetic ten-frames & counters!Simply stick the ten-frames onto any magnetic practice addition, subtraction and more.Plus, the counters are red on onesurfacethen use the counters to explore essential math concepts, including side and blue on the otherso theyre perfect for making 10 and counting!making ten, addition & subtraction, and more than/less than!You get a set of Includes 20 plastic trays and 220 counters.Trays measure 6 38 ". 61.95 4 ten-frames and 40 counters in 2 colours; ten-frames are 5" x 12 14 ". 36.95UNIFIX CUBESFrom building number sense and counting to patterning and measuringLC676\x1fMAGNETIC NUMBERS & COUNTERSthese easy-linking cubes give kids tons of hands-on practice with early math Great for independent practice with counting, simple equations and more!concepts!Plastic cubes come in 10 colours; each cube measures34 ".Our set of 130 thick, easy-to-grip foam magnets features colourfulTY4225 \x1f 100 Cubes 19.95numbers, counters and operation signs, all in a handy storage tub.TY4221 \x1f 500 Cubes 79.95Magnets measure 1 12 "-2".Board sold separately. 59.95 TY4200 \x1f 1,000 Cubes 156.95RR621\x1fMagnetic Write & Wipe Lapboard TY217\x1f 1-10 STAIR 10-channel plastic stair displays increasing Board measures 9" x 12". 13.95 quantities as kids match cubes to numbers on each channel. 10.95LL565X\x1fNUMBER SEQUENCINGShown:1-10 PuzzlesPUZZLES - COMPLETE SETOur fun, themed puzzles help children build number skillspiece by piece!Each set includes 3 adorable wooden puz -zlesall with simple numbered pieces. Students arrange the colour-coded pieces in numerical order to build each vibrant pictureand get an engaging introduction to sequencing and early counting!You get all 3 sets listed below, for a total of 9 different puzzles. 149.95Each puzzle set is also available separately. Skill-building puzzles in 3 fun themes!LL567 \x1f 1-10 Puzzles - Set of 36" x 10" puzzles, each with 10 pieces. 34.95LL568 \x1f 1-20 Puzzles - Set of 36" x 20" puzzles, each with 20 pieces. 49.95LL569 \x1f 1-30 Puzzles - Set of 36" x 30" puzzles, each with 30 pieces. 59.95Lakeshore'