b'232 Instant Learning SpacesLK407\x1fCALMING CORNER INSTANT LEARNING SPACEGive kids a safe, com- Allforting place to go when theyre feeling overwhelmed or upsetor just need a break!This all-in-one space fea- Furniture &tures a welcoming canopy to provide a bit of privacy asMaterials children self-soothe.Plus, theyll love relaxing in the su- Included!per-cozy beanbag seat and exploring all the calming sen-soryitemsfromliquid-filledwindowstoaweighted puppy-shaped lap pad & so much more! 2,999.95INCLUDES:\x1f Heavy-Duty Toddler Storage Unit\x1f4\' x 6\' Forest Green ComfyRectangular Classroom Carpet \x1f Cozy Corner Canopy\x1fSky Blue Calming ColoursPremium Teardrop Beanbag Seat \x1fDishwasher-Safe Plastic Baskets -Set of 2\x1f Stack & Build Emotion Kids\x1fTilt & Turn Liquid Sensory Windows\x1fFeelings & EmotionsPaperback Books - Set of 12 \x1f Lets Talk! Kid Puppets - Set of 4\x1f Giant Sand Timers - Set of 4\x1f Sensory Balls\x1f Liquid Discovery Tubes \x1f Moods & Emotions Mirrors\x1f Social-Emotional Photo Library\x1f Cuddly Puppy Weighted Lap Pad LK404\x1fDRAMATIC PLAY INSTANT LEARNING SPACEHeres all the furniture, props and dress-up clothes kids need in one ready-to-usedramaticplayspacethoughtfullyselectedtoinspire imaginations! 8,699.95INCLUDES:\x1f Heavy-Duty Preschool Storage Unit\x1f Heavy-Duty All-In-One Kitchen\x1fHelp-Yourself Dress-Up Centre\x1f 6\' Navy Blue Comfy Round Classroom Carpet\x1f 30" Low Heavy-Duty Adjustable Round Table\x1f 1112 " Heavy-Duty Stacking Chairs - Set of 2\x1fDishwasher-Safe Plastic Baskets - Set of 3\x1fPush-Button Play Phones - Set of 2\x1fReal-WorkingCash Register\x1fDoll Adaptive Equipment\x1f Dolls - Set of 3\x1f Doctors Office\x1f Kid-Tough Trucks - Set of 2\x1fFood Baskets - Set of 2\x1f Multicultural Play Food\x1fPlay Pots, Pans & Dishes\x1fHardwood Doll Crib & Bedding Set\x1f Pretend & Play Mailbox \x1fCareer Costumes - Set of 5\x1f Multicultural Clothing - Set of 4\x1fSuper Housecleaning Set with Stand Lakeshore'