b'192 LanguageSIGHT-WORDSTT510X\x1fFISHING FOR SIGHT-WORDS - COMPLETE SETNo child can resist a fishing gameand with our games, kids improve sight-word recognition as they play!Each colourful fish is printed with a common sight-wordas children use the magnetic fishing pole to catch the fish, they TT550\x1fCREATING SIGHT-WORD SENTENCES CENTRE learn to recognize sight-words more easily!Each level covers 25 sight-words and includes 75 fish, a magnetic fishing pole, a mat & an activity guide.All Children create fun, rebus-style sentences hands onand master3 levels; mats are 12" x 12 12 ". 139.9539 common sight-words as they go!Students just slide a sentence stripTT507\x1fFishing for Sight-Words - Level 1(Shown.) 47.95into a 16" activity tray, then use colour-coded picture-word cards to com- TT508\x1fFishing for Sight-Words - Level 2 47.95plete each sentence.As they do, they build sentences that focus on justTT509\x1fFishing for Sight-Words - Level 3 47.953-5 sight-words at a timeand use sight-words in context!Centre has enough materials for 4 children at once, including 32 sentence strips,EE809\x1fExtra Magnetic Fishing Poles - Set of 2120 picture-word cards and 4 wooden trays. 89.95 Poles extend up to 18 18 ". 24.95TT235 \x1f LAKESHORE FICTION SIGHT-WORD READERS TT557 \x1f LAKESHORE NONFICTION SIGHT-WORD READERSReinforce sight-words in contextwith simple stories kids read on their own!Introduce early readers to nonfiction textwith high-interest books that Our books feature low-level sentences made only from sight-words andprovide tons of sight-word practice!Each book has colour photos and simple rebus picturesplus repetitive sentence patterns and supportive illustrationstext made entirely from sight-words and rebus pictures, plus nonfiction topics that make them super-easy to follow.Set of 20 books; each is 8 pp. 82.95 kids will love to discover.Includes 20 books; each is 8 pages.82.95GG421 \x1f Book Display StandSturdy metal rack is 25 12 " wide. 93.95 GG421 \x1f Book Display StandSturdy metal rack is 25 12 " wide. 93.95TT755X\x1fSNAP & BUILDSIGHT-WORDS - COMPLETE SETSight-word mastery is a snapwith hands-on boards and letter clips children love to use!Kids just grab a board featuring a preprinted sight-word, then attach the clips below to build the word one letter at a time.And with enough letter clips to build all 25 words in each level at once, the sets are perfect for multiple children to work with at the same time.All 3 levels, each with 25 sight-word boards, 67-93 letter clips and anSimply snap lettersactivity guide; boards measure 5 12 ". 159.95 onto the board!Each level is also available separately.TT752\x1fLevel 1(Shown.) 53.95TT753\x1fLevel 2 53.95TT754\x1fLevel 3 53.95Lakeshore'