b'132 Infants & Toddlers Create your own spacesLIFETIMEWARRANTYMix & match the pieces to suit your specific needs!Our connective furniture makes it easy to create nurturing spacesselect the pieces you like, then choose connectors in matching to support infants and toddlerswhile meeting the needs of busyheights to join the pieces together.The connectors snap onto caregivers!Interchangeable pieces let you customize your roomeach piece in secondsand attach securely using our exclusive with designated areas for daily activitiesfrom cozy nooks forlocking systemcomplete with hidden locks that cant be opened naps and storytime to roomy play spaces that safely separateaccidentally! In no time, youll have stable, child-friendly spaces mobileandnonmobilechildren.Bestofall,thefurnitureisthat meet your exact specifications!Need help designing your speciallydesignedforquick,easyandsafeinstallation.Justspace?Just give us a calland well be happy to assist you!STRAIGHT PANELSAvailable in two widthsWAVE PANELSOur wave panels let you connectSAFETY GATESOur gates feature a and two heights, our panels feature solid maplelower pieces of furniture to higher piecesfor more designdual-action locking mechanism for ulti-frameswithroundededges,plussee-throughpossibilities!The panels feature a sturdy maple frame withmate safety.Simply squeeze the latch acrylic centres to keep children in sight.Lifetimerounded edges, plus a clear, wipe-clean acrylic centre tofrom top and bottom to unlockand the warranty.(Connectors sold separately on p. 133.) keep children in easy view.Lifetime warranty. gates lock themselves when you close DD624\x1f20" x 22 12 " Panel DD629 \x1f Small Wave PanelMeasures 33" wide andthem!Solid maple and acrylic gates rotate 1 1 Measures 20" wide1 2 1 2 1 2 a full 360 for convenience.Lifetime war-and 222 " high.Requires 222 " connectors.299.95 18 12 " to 22" high.Requires an 18" connector and aranty.Each gate requires 30" connectors DD626\x1f33" x 22 12 " Panel 12 "22 " connector (sold separately on page 133). 379.9533" wide and 22 (sold separately on page 133).high.Req. 22 12 " connectors.(Shown.) 379.95 DD642 \x1f Medium Wave PanelMeasures 33" wide DD625\x1f20" x 30" PanelMeasures 20" wideand 18 12 " to 30" high.Requires an 18 12 " connector and aDD630 \x1fSafety GateHandy gate isand 30" high.Requires 30" connectors. 349.95 30" connector (sold separately on page 133). 399.95 32" wide x 30" high.(Shown.) 999.95DD627\x1f33" x 30" PanelMeasures 33" wideDD640 \x1f Large Wave PanelMeasures 33" wide andDD641 \x1fExtra-Wide Safety Gateand 30" high.Requires 30" connectors. 419.95 22 12 " to 30" high.Requires a 22 12 " connector and a 30"OurADA-compliantgatemeasures connector (sold separately on p. 133).(Shown.) 419.95 42" wide x 30" high. 1,099.95Lakeshore'