b'Portable Butcher Paper Rack163 Puzzles.58-61, 144, 148-149, Rhyming Sounds Game, Index 245Portable CD & Cassette Players 191, 193, 212, 225 Launch & Learn.183.64-65, 227 Puzzles, Alphabet.58, 193 Rhyming SoundsPose & Play Families46 Puzzles, Animal58-60 Instant Learning Centre181Pose & Play Kids34 Puzzles, Beginners Peg58 Rhyming Sounds School-Age Environment RatingPositional Words Puzzles, Build & Play61 Phonemic Awareness Box.180 Scale & Product Correlation.229Resource Box183 Puzzles, Careers.60 Rhythm & Rhyme School Carpets.108-115, 131Poster Pack, Puzzles, Chunky Learning.58 Board Book Collection176 School Games236Celebrating Diversity.224 Puzzles, Infant144, 149 Rhythm Set, Heavy-Duty.63 School Globe225Poster Pack, Infant-Toddler.137 Puzzles, Language.58 Rhythm Sets, Preschool62 School Microscope,Posterboard162 Puzzles, Learn to Count! Picture.58 Rhythm Stick Activity Kit17 Heavy-Duty223Posters, Social Studies224 Puzzles, Logic61 Rhythm Sticks17, 62 School-To-Home Organizer228Pots & Pans Playset, Puzzles, Math58, 148, 212 Rings, Light Table Science7, 12, 24-25, 32, 147,Indestructible.40 Puzzles, Sequencing58, 212 Sensory Play Materials5 174, 176, 184-185, 214-223, 235Pots & Pans, Soft & Safe.141 Puzzles, Storage58-59 Rings, Sensory.4, 137 Science Books.174, 176, 184-185Power Pen!.182 Puzzles, Word Building191 Road to Reading Activity Centre. Science Cart, Store & Explore.222Power Pen!.193 Science Centre, Toddler147Early Reading Quiz Cards.182 Q Robot, Bee-BotScience Discovery Kits,Practice Cards, Word Family.190 Quick as a Cricket Programmable.216 Can Do!222Practice Ring, Basic Skills.200 Hardcover Book170 Rocker, Wooden Boat.137 Science Experiments.Pre-Writing Game, Quiet Time CD123 Rocket, Play & Explore45 .7, 147, 219-222Gumball Grab236 Quiet Time Privacy Cube.94 Rockets, Alphabet34 Science Instant Learning Centres.Pre-Writing Practice Cards, Quiz Cards, Power Pen!Rockets, Number.34 .220Magic Board196 Early Reading182 Rocking Chair.120 Science Instant Learning SpacePredictable Text Roll & Feel Bumpy Balls.145 .235Paperback Library.174 R Roll & Race! Activity Ramp217 Science Kits214-217Prehistoric Animal Counters204 Rainbow Classroom Tables99 Roll & Write Word Game236 Science Specimen Centres,Premium Beanbag Seat.105 Rainbow Liquid Sensory Viewers2 Roll-On Painters.151 Hands-On218Premium Wobble Chairs, Rainbow Parachutes13 Roller Coaster Kit.215 Science Specimens,Heavy-Duty97 Rainbow Scratch Bookmarks.169 Rollers, Dough161 Easy-View219Prepared Slides, Microscope223 Rainbow Scratch Paper.162 Room Dividers118 Science Stations, STEM214Preschool Picture Globe225 Rainbow Sentence Strips202 Round Tables. Science, STEM32, 214, 217Preschool Puzzle Library Rainsticks, Chilean.62 75, 83, 87, 95, 98-99, 127 Science Supplies & Equipment.223with Rack.59 Rainsticks, See-Inside.63 Round Tables, Mobile75 Science Tiles, Magnetic.222Preschool Sand & Water Table - Ramp, Roll & Race! Activity.217 Rubbing Crayons.157 Science Viewers.219Natural Colours.7 Ramps & Balls Exploration Set24 Rubbing Plates.157 Scissor Scoops, Fine Motor32Preschool Sand & Water Tables6-7 Ramps Exploration Set, Outdoor Rugssee Carpets Scissors164Preschool Storage Units77, 85 .12 Ruled Chart Tablets.203 Scoop-A-Bug Sorting Kit.32Preschool Two-Station Sand & Rapunzel STEM Kit217 Ruled Newsprint, Red Baseline.196 Scoops6Water Table - Natural Colours7 Rating Scales229 Rules & News Charts.229 Scooter Board16Pretend & Play Rattles.144 Scooters.20-21Hardwood Kitchen Set40 Read-Along Equipment. S Scorpion & SpidersPretend & Play Kitchens40, 140 .64-65, 226-227 Sad Doll140 Specimens Set219Pretend & Play Market, Outdoor.69 Read & Relax Comfy Chair174 Safari Animals Floor Puzzle.61 Scratch Paper, Rainbow162Pretend & Play Markets.42, 69 Readers.191-193 Safe & Simple Die-Cut Machine Scratch Stars, Shimmering169Pretend & Play Mud Oven.10 Reading, Fiction. .164 Screen CoverPretend & Play 148, 170-177, 193, 225 Safe Mirror Blocks, Soft &.27 for Toothbrush Holder.223Table and Chair Set40 Reading Nook, Classic Birch.94 Safe Science Specimens.219 Sea Animal Counters.204Print Practice Board.199 Reading Readiness Games, Safety Crib, Easy-Reach121 Sea Animals54-55, 61, 204, 218Printing Letters Practice Books.196 Splash! Jr.183 Safety Gates.132 Sea Life Specimen Set.219Printing Practice.186, 196-197, 199 Reading Readiness Quiz Cards Safety Goggles, Kid-Sized.221 Seashells, Sensory Match.8Prisms, Super-Safe221 .182 Safety Helmets, Child-Sized20 Seasons & WeatherPrivacy Cube, Quiet Time94 Ready for Preschool Backpack.178 Safety Mirrors.119, 221 Theme Box & Book Library.184Privacy Partition.226 Real-Size Classroom Food Set.44 Safety Mirrors, Shatterproof221 Seats, Beanbag105, 136Problem Solving STEM Kits, Real-Working Cash Register.42 Safety Name Tags228 Seats, Tree103, 122Fairy Tales216-217 Rectangular Tables Safety Scissors.164 See & Display Picture Mat.137Product Correlations229 75, 83, 87, 95, 98-99, 127 Safety Signs20, 23 See-Inside Activity Balls18Programmable Robot, Rectangular Tables, Mobile.75 Safety Storage Cabinet, See-Inside Bucket Balance.221Bee-Bot216 Red Baseline Ruled Newsprint196 Heavy-Duty Toddler127 See-Inside Cubby Bins77, 86, 90Project Kit, People Shapes.168 Reflection147 Safety Tweezers, Easy-Grip37 See-Inside Magnetic Blocks29Puffs, Cotton Craft.166 Refrigerator, Dramatic Play Safety Wall Mirrors.119 See-Inside Rainsticks63Pulley, Block Play.25 .40-41, 141 Sand & Water Play.5-11, 160 See-Inside Sensory Blocks145Pump & Play Mud Kitchen.10 Reptiles Specimen Centre.218 Sand & Water Tables.6-7, 9, 11 See-Inside Sorting Bucket.145Puppet Stand.56 Rescue Vehicles, Sand & Water Tables - See-Inside Storage Pouch.200Puppet Theatre.57 Mix & Match Magnetic30 Natural Colours.7 See-Inside Storage Trays82Puppet Tree56 Rest & Relaxation43, 74, 79, Sand & Water Tables, Preschool See It Grow Plant Lab219Puppets, Alphabet.56 86, 94, 103-107, 120-122, 125, 6-7 Self-Adhesive Labeling PocketsPuppets, Animal.56-57 130, 135-137, 174, 233 Sand & Water Tables, Toddler.6-7 .116Puppets, Dramatic Play.56-57 Rest Mat Sheet, Pillow.107 Sand & Water Tables, Self-Adhesive Nameplate SleevesPuppets, Lets Talk!.56-57 Rest Mats & Cots. Toddler Two-Station6-7 .228Puppets, 79, 86, 106-107, 122, 125 Sand Blocks.62 Sensory BallsMachine-Washable Alphabet.56 Rest Time Instant Learning Space Sand, Mold & Play160 4-5, 18, 138, 143, 161Puppets, Multicultural56-57 .233 Sand Play Construction Trucks.9 Sensory Beads.4-5, 144Puppets, Storytelling171, 173 Retelling Sand, Sensory4, 160 Sensory Beads Lacing Set144Push-Button Play Phone.44 Family Engagement Pack.182 Sand Timers.227 Sensory Bins, Toddler-Safe.143Putty, Sensory5 Reusable Write & Wipe Pocket.199 Sanitary Gloves121 Sensory Blocks, See-Inside.145Puzzle Board, I Can Count148 Rhyming Bingo.236 Sanitary Mat Divider.106 Sensory Dimpl, Pop & Play.145Puzzle Builders.145 Rhyming Save the Day! Character Capes51 Sensory Dough, Mad Mattr.161Puzzle Racks & Storage58-59 Family Engagement Pack.182 Scared Doll.140 Sensory ExplorationPuzzle Set, All Kinds of Families.61 Rhyming Game, Splash! Jr183 Scarves, Activity.17 Instant Learning Space.235Puzzle Storage Case59 Rhyming Sounds180-183, 236 Schedule Chart, Daily229 Sensory Friends.143Lakeshore'