b'218 ScienceEA211\x1fEASY-VIEW CLASSROOM AQUARIUMA classroom-safe, low-main-tenanceaquariumwith everything you needjust add water and fish! The 16" aquarium gives a crystal-clear view from every angle, and curved sides magnify fish for up-close observation. 8-gallon acrylic tank includes a filter, a pump, a low-volt-age light, water conditioner and ceramic gravel. 339.95EA212\x1fAccessory Kit2 plastic plants and a siphon pump. 37.95EA213\x1fExtra Filters Refill Pack3 filters and water conditioner. 93.95PP540X\x1fLIVING THINGS MAGNETIC ACTIVITY TINSFascinatingscienceconceptscometolife with our all-in-one activity tinswhere the lid becomes the work space!Simply place an activity mat on the inside of the magnetic lid andusethecorrespondingmagnetsto discoverthelifecyclesofplants,compare insectsandspiders,sortanimalsbytheir featuresand more!Complete set includes all 3 activity tins, each with 8 activity mats, 30 magneticmanipulativesandanactivity guideplusananswercardforinstant reinforcement! 189.95Each tin is also available separately.PP541\x1fAnimals Tin 64.95PP542\x1fInsects & Spiders Tin 64.95PP543\x1fPlants Tin(Shown.) 64.95Shown:Reptiles HH590SET\x1fHANDS-ON SCIENCE SPECIMEN CENTRES As children explore and examine our fascinating science specimens, theyll feel just like real scientists making incredible discoveries!Students simply use the magnifier in each centre to investigate 5 amazing specimensfrom a colourful peacock feather and a stag beetle to a super-realistic replica iguana skull.Then children explore the corresponding 5 12 " x 7" photo cards to learn even more about each animalas they study the full-colour photos on front and learn the exciting facts on back!Plus, each centre focuses on a different animal classso students learn to identify the characteristics of each one.All 5 centres shown, each with 5 real or replica specimens, 5 cards, a magnifier and a guide. 319.95Each centre is also available separately.HH584\x1fReptiles(Shown.) 64.95HH580\x1fMammals 64.95HH583\x1fSea Life 64.95HH585\x1fInsects 64.95HH582\x1fBirds 64.95Lakeshore'