b'Sand & Water 11Comes with3 removable gates to create individual water sectionsor to control the flow of water!LA526\x1fWATCH IT FLOW! WATER TABLELA239\x1fJUMBO OUTDOOR BALANCE SCALEBring the magic of a wild, rolling river to water play!Made of sturdy, all- Strike a balance between skill building and fresh-air fun!Designed to look like a weather plastic, our unique water table features 3 sections designed to lookcharming apple tree, our durable, all-weather scale features 2 removable buckets like logs.Children just pour water or use a hoseand watch the water flow.that kids can use to collect and compare rocks, sand, leaves and morethe perfect Plus, the table includes 3 removable gates that make it easy to control theway to introduce early measurement concepts outdoors!Rugged plastic, double-flow of wateror create 3 individual water tubs!You can even use a bin tosided scale includes adjustable feet for easy leveling on uneven surfaces, plus a catch and reuse the water.Each log measures 36" long.Assemblytrunk that can be filled with sand for stability.Measures 31 12 "w x 22"d x 30"h. required. 999.95 Assembly required. 849.95SW419 SW642SW418\x1f2-WAY SAND & WATER TABLESet up a sand andSW641\x1f4-WAY SAND & WATER TABLESand and water play is 4 times water exploration centre anywherewith our handy, space-saving table!the fun with our 4-way table!No-rust aluminum table has 4 separate tubs, so you The perfect introduction to cooperative play, it has two plastic tubs that letcan fill each one with a different materialand let up to 4 children play at once.Plus, children play side by sideand the tubs lift right out for easy cleaning.the rugged plastic tubs easily lift out of the table, so you can change materials in a The rugged, rustproof aluminum table is 31"w x 15"d and easily adjustsflash.Table measures 31"w x 31"d; adjusts from 18" to 21" to 24" high.Tubs are from 18" to 21" to 24" high.Tubs are 6 12 " deep.Assembly req. 389.95 6 12" deep.Assembly required. 679.95SW419\x1fTops for 2-Way Sand & Water TableThe clear-viewSW642\x1fTops for 4-Way Sand & Water Table The clear-view plastic plastic tops cover the entire table.Each top is 15 14 " x 15 14 ". 69.95 tops cover the entire table.Each top is 1514" x 1514". 124.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'