b'Childrens Books 171Fairy Tales Simple Songs Nursery RhymesLM530X\x1f LAKESHORE STORYTIME VIEWERS - COMPLETE SETKids retell stories, sing songs andEach set is also available separately. recite rhymes as they move from one charming illustration to the next!Children simply slide a disk into a kid-sizedLM533\x1fFairy Tales 34.95viewer and pull the lever to progress through the 7 scenesbuilding oral language and memory skills as they go!YouLM531\x1fSimple Songs 34.95get all 3 sets, each with a 4 12 " rugged plastic viewer and 5 disks featuring a different story, song or rhyme.99.95 LM532 \x1fNursery Rhymes 34.95BK210X\x1fITS A MULTICULTURAL WORLD! HARDCOVER LIBRARY BK240X\x1f BUILDING EMPATHY HARDCOVER LIBRARYHelp kids Introduce children to the diverse people and cultures that make up ourunderstand the feelings of others!As young readers enjoy these heartwarming worldwith a terrific collection that celebrates the many qualities westories, theyll share the emotions of many colourful characters, including an shareandthedifferencesthatmakeeachofusunique!Setofinvisible boy, a talking ant and animals at the zoo.Each story teaches children 6 hardcover books.179.95 how their actions can affect others.You get 6 hardcover books. 169.95BK196\x1fThe Colours of Us39.95 BK242\x1fLast Stop on Market Street24.95BK167\x1fSay Hello!23.95 BK246\x1fOne36.95AV222\x1fAll Kinds of Children36.95 BK243\x1fHey, Little Ant24.95BB644\x1fWhoever You Are25.95 BK241\x1fThe Invisible Boy24.95BK209\x1fLittle Taco Truck23.95 BK244\x1fA Sick Day for Amos McGee38.95AV327\x1fIts Okay to Be Different 36.95 BK245\x1fWere All Wonders24.95Set 1 LC271 Set 2 LC265LC269 LC268 LC264 LC263LC267 LC266 LC262 LC261LC270X\x1fSTORYTELLING PUPPETS - SET 1 STORYTELLING GLOVE & LAPBOARD LC260X\x1fSTORYTELLING PUPPETS - SET 2Perfect with our Storytelling Glove or Lapboard,Classic stories come alivewith our easy-to-useChildren can enjoy 5 more delightful stories with our this charming puppet set consists of all the feltStorytelling Glove & Lapboard!Each has a brushedsecondsetofpuppetsperfectforusewith characterschildrenneedtofollowalongwithnylon surface that our Storytelling Puppets stick toour Storytelling Glove or Lapboard!You get all 5 classroom-favourite stories. 79.95 like magic.The specially designed glove lets you5 sets listed below. 79.95LC271\x1fFive Green & Speckled Frogs16.95 act out favourite stories right on your handand theLC265\x1fGingerbread Man 16.95LC269\x1fFive Little Ducks16.95 convenient lapboard is the perfect size for smallLC264\x1fItsy Bitsy Spider16.95LC268\x1fTeasing Mr. Crocodile16.95 groups and circle time.Puppets sold separately. LC263\x1fThree Little Pigs16.95LC267\x1fOld MacDonald16.95 LA835\x1fGloveMeasures 10 14 " tall.13.95 LC262\x1fThree Bears16.95LC266\x1fLittle Red Hen16.95 LA998\x1fLapboardMeasures 10" x 12". 16.95 LC261\x1fThree Billy Goats Gruff16.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'