b'Infants & Toddlers 135AA140\x1fWATERFALL CLIMBERThis cushiony climber lets tots crawl, climb, scoot and slide in an incredibly soft and safe environment! Designed to fit in any cornerso little ones wont fall offit has easy-to-climb steps, a gently sloping ramp and a padded landing area.The 7 dense foam pieces fit together with hook & loop fastener, and each is covered with rugged, wipe-clean vinyl.Climber is 54" wide and extends 67" from the corner.Tallest piece is 18". 1,349.95AA130\x1fBUTTERFLY CLIMBERChildren enjoy nonstop muscle-building funwith afriendlybutterflytheycan climb all over!Our adorable climber features soft, graduated steps and a sloping ramp leading to an extra-cushy mat. Plus, padded, wing-shaped mats on both sides keep little onessuper-safeastheypracticecrawlingandclimbing. Best of all, the 4 dense foam pieces attach securely together withhook&loopfastenerandfeatureavinyl-covered surface thats a breeze to wipe clean!The climber measures a roomy 59"w x 52"d x 11 34 "h. 929.95AA270 \x1f COMFY SEATS - SET OF 3Give children a comfortable spot to rest, relax, enjoy a good book and morewith our super-durable, child-sized seats! The 3 cozy chairs come in soothing, natural colours and can be arranged any way you liketo create seats for individual students or even a long couch for a small group.Plus, the seats are a breeze to pick up and carryso you can move them all around the classroom.Each chair is made of thick, lightweight foam covered in rugged, easy-clean vinyl for stress-free care.Chairs measure 20"w x 20"d x 14 12 "h; seats are 7" high. 679.95AA807\x1fSTORE & EXPLORE PLAY MATThis cushiony mat is the perfect place for playtime, tummy time, crawling and morewith built-in storage that keeps itemsinreach!Thesoftfoampiecesconnectsecurely together with hook & loop fastenerand can be configured multiple ways to fit your classroom space.Plus, all 16 pieces are covered in durable, wipe-clean vinyl for easy care.The mat is 77 14 "w x 56 34 "d as shown. 2,249.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'