b'Math 213BEGINNING GEOMETRYLL459 \x1f GEOBOARD DESIGN CENTREGive children hands-on geometry practiceat just the right level!Stu-dents simply place an illustrated activity mat on a 9" pegboardthen useDG546\x1fMAGNA-TILES - STARTER SETrubber bands to build the shapes on the mat!You get 20 different matsThese translucent magnetic tiles give children a fun, engaging way to explore that progress in difficulty, so children can build everything from squarescolours and shapesas they build!The durable, easy-grip plastic tiles have and octagons to spaceships and animals!Includes 4 plastic pegboardsmagnets safely built right in, so they stick together from every sidefor endless and over 90 rubber bands, plus a guide. 56.95 building possibilities.Set includes 32 pieces in a variety of shapes and colours; large squares are 6".(Shown.) 64.95DG547 \x1f Magna-Tiles - Class SetYou get a giant set of 100 magnetic tiles in 5 shapes and 6 colours. 149.95DA910GS364\x1fGEOSTIX These super-bendable, snap-together sticks are a captivating way to introduce children to early geometry concepts!The 200 flexible plasticDA334sticks connect at lots of different pointsso kids can build geometric shapes with ease.Plus, weve included 20 double-sided activity cardsTH4530that challenge kids to create everything from a simple triangle to a detailed street scenegiving them lots of practice with colour and size recognition, creative thinking, fine motor skills and more.Sticks come inPATTERN BLOCKS8 colours; longest sticks measure 6 14 " long. 43.95 Young children can use our easy-to-handle blocks for patterning, counting and problem solvingwhile more advanced students can use the blocks to explore early geometry concepts.Choose from 2 block sets listed below. DA910\x1fPlastic Pattern BlocksSet of 250 blocks in a tub. 42.95DA334\x1fWooden Pattern BlocksSet of 250 blocks in a tub. 57.95TH4530\x1fPattern Blocks Design CardsYou get 20 laminated, 8 12 " x 11" cards that gradually progress in difficulty, helping children explore patterning, properties of shapes, symmetry and more. 26.95FF667 \x1f MAGNETIC SHAPES MAZEStudents explore geometric shapes as they guide everyday objects through our fun magnetic maze!From a button to a kite, kids matchEE498\x1fGEOMETRIC SHAPES TUBreal-world objects to their corresponding shapes using the attachedGive beginning geometry students a hands-on intro-magnetic wandand learn to recognize 6 shapes along the way.Theduction to solid formswith our big tub of 3-D plastic shapes!The 80 pieces 13" x 14" hardwood maze features 3 object magnets for each shape, allinclude 10 each of 8 different shapesfrom spheres, cones and cylinders to permanently encased under a clear-view top. 99.95 cubes, pyramids and more.Cylinder is 1" tall. 37.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'