b'204 MathMANIPULATIVESLC1665X\x1f LAKESHORE MATH COUNTERS LIBRARY 1Hands-on counters make math concepts easy to graspwith hundreds of kid-pleasing objects for students to count, measure, compare & sort!Library includes 6 sturdy, 6 14 " plastic jars (one of each listed below), plus 6 activity guides. 349.95LC1651\x1fSize & Colour Bug CountersOur giant set of 144 rubber counters includes beetles, spiders and butterflieseach in 3 sizes and 4 colours!Large butterfly measures 1 12 " long.58.95LC1666\x1fDinosaur CountersThis big jar contains 108 plastic dinosaurs in 6 colours and 6 different species; each measures approximately 2"-3" long.58.95LC1657\x1fSize & Colour Teddy CountersOur cute plastic bears come in 3 sizes and 4 bright colours.Set includes 120 counters; bears are 1", 1 14 " and 1 12 " tall.58.95LC1653\x1fFun Fruit CountersVibrant fruits come in 6 different varieties and colours!You get a set of 144 plastic counters in a jar; each is approximately38 "-2" long.58.95LC1667\x1fSea Animal CountersGiant jar features 14 species of sea creaturesincluding sharks, sea turtles and whales.Set of 126 counters in 6 colours; each is 1 34 "-2 34 ". 58.95LC1668\x1fVehicle CountersBright cars, buses, trains and moreall in a handy jar.Set of 120 plastic counters in 6 styles and 6 colours; each is 1 12 "-1 34 " long.58.95DD745SET\x1fLAKESHORE HANDS-ON MATH TRAYS - COMPLETE SET Each Math Tray is also available separately.Children sort, count, pattern, graph and comparewith skill-building trays that are perfect forDD747\x1fCounting Tray 24.95use with our Math Counters!Each tray features handy molded compartments that fit any of theDD743\x1fPatterning Tray 24.95counters on this page.Children just place the counters right into the trays to explore conceptsDD742\x1fSorting Tray 24.95hands onand easily keep the pieces in place as they work!Complete set includes all 5 sturdyDD741\x1fGraphing Tray 24.95plastic trays shown; each is a big 10 34 " x 14 14 ".Counters are sold separately.119.95 DD744\x1fVenn Diagram Tray 24.95LM980X\x1fLAKESHORE MATH COUNTERS LIBRARY 2A second set of manipulatives to enhance any math program!Our library includes more than 680 countersgreat for patterning, sorting, counting, simple operations & more.Includes 6 sets, each in a 6 12 " plastic tub. 319.95LM981\x1fFarm Animal CountersSet includes 8 different styles of farm animalsfrom horses and goats to cows, pigs, roosters and more.Set of 96 animals; each is 1"-2 18 ". 53.95LM982\x1fButterfly CountersMath skills take flight with this collection of beautiful butterflies!Tub comes with 104 butterflies in 8 styles; each is 2".53.95LM983\x1fPrehistoric Animal CountersSort them, count them, graph them and moreour prehistoric counters let you do it all!Set of 104 animals in 8 styles; each is 2 18 "-2 34 ".53.95LM985\x1fOcean Animal CountersWith 160 animals in 8 different species, our set lets students dive right in to all sorts of math practice!Each counter measures 1 12 "-2".53.95LM986\x1fWild Animal CountersFrom an elephant and a rhino to a cheetah and a hyenaour set is loaded with 80 animals in 8 different styles!Each counter measures 1 12 "-2 34 ". 53.95LM984\x1fFish CountersPerfect for a wide variety of math activities, our colourful counters feature 8 different species of fish.Set of 144; each fish is 1 14 "-1 12 ".53.95Lakeshore'