b'190 LanguageWORD BUILDING & PHONICSChildren touch the textured dots as they say each sound.GG369\x1fTOUCH & READ WORD MATCHWiththeseengagingmatch-ups,childrenmasterCVCwordsoneLC113\x1fLETTER CRAYONS WORD BUILDING CENTREHeres a phoneme at a time!Kids just select a word card and touch the textured dotscolourful way to introduce simple words!Kids choose a card with a CVC word on as they say each sound.Then they read the full wordand find its matchingone side and a matching image on the otherthen snap the letter crayons into a picture card!You get 60 textured word cards, 60 picture cards, 6 storagecrayon box to spell the word one letter at a time.Includes four 4" plastic crayon pockets and 6 answer cards.Pockets measure 2 12 " x 6 12 ". 54.95 boxes, 32 plastic crayons & 24 cardsenough for up to 4 kids at once! 56.95EE709\x1fCHANGE-A-SOUND FLIP BOOKS EE107\x1fWORD FAMILY PRACTICE CARDS Children add initial Give children the targeted phonics practice they need to boost early readingsounds to our handy practice cardsand form tons of words from the same skillsone sound at a time!Our easy-to-use books each focus on beginning,word family!The 40 cards each highlight a different word endingand the cards middle or ending sounds.Kids just flip the pages to create 3 to 4 simpleare write & wipe and reproducible!Cards are 8 12 " x 11". 41.95words that change by one letter at a timeand see how substituting a sound can change a wordand its meaning!Set includes 20 colour- DD105 \x1f Write & Wipe Markerscoded books and a guide.Each book measures 2 34 " x 6 14 ". 61.95 Set of 4 black, dry-erase markers. 6.95DD316DD314 BUILD-A-WORD! MAGNET BOARDSTWIST & TURN WORD BUILDERSChallenge kids to form word afterKids practice building dozens of wordsfrom simple CVC words to wordwith fun word builders they can explore on their own!Kids just turn4-letter words with blends and digraphs!Each magnet board comes with the permanently attached beads to sound out words letter by letterfromeverything children need to build 36 different words sound by sound. simple CVC words to 4-letter words that include blends, digraphs & more.Kids just stick a picture magnet onto the board, then use letter magnets Each set has 10 different 5"-6" word buildersso kids get practice with ato build the corresponding word!Each set includes an 8" x 10 12 " board, variety of letter combinations and phonics sounds.Each set includes a guide. 36 picture magnets, 36 letter magnets and a guide.DD316\x1f3-Letter Word Builders - Set of 10 51.95 FF429\x1f3-Letter Words Magnet Board(Shown.) 62.95DD314\x1f4-Letter Word Builders - Set of 10 59.95 FF428\x1f4-Letter Words Magnet Board 62.95Lakeshore'