b"Instant Learning Spaces 233LK406\x1fBLOCK PLAY INSTANT LEARNING SPACEThis exciting space is jam-packed with hundreds of super-sturdy blocks & a variety of accessoriesfrom vehicles & traffic signs to realistic figuresall designed to get kids building & exploring in an instant!Theres even a plush carpet with plenty of room for kids to bring constructions to life, plus heavy-duty furniture to make storing it all a breeze! 6,399.95INCLUDES:\x1fHeavy-Duty Holds Everything Storage Unit\x1f Heavy-Duty Preschool Storage Unit\x1f6' x 9' Navy Blue ComfyRectangular Classroom Carpet\x1f Clear-View Storage Boxes - Set of 4\x1f Community Block Play People\x1fBlock Play People with Differing Abilities\x1f Mix & Match Magnetic Families\x1fHardwood Community Vehicles\x1f Classic Wild Animal Collection\x1fCommunity Garages \x1f Hardwood Hollow Blocks\x1f Window Blocks \x1f Castle Blocks\x1f Arch Blocks\x1f Hardwood Construction Vehicles\x1f Block Play Traffic Signs \x1fSoft & Safe Mirror Blocks\x1f Hardwood Unit Blocks - Starter Set\x1fRamps & Balls Exploration Set with Storage Box LK410\x1fREST TIMEINSTANT LEARNING SPACESetting up a safe and cozy spot for little ones to rest is easy with everything you see here!You get low-to-the-ground, stackable cotsplenty of sheets and blanketseven a CD player and CDs featuring quiet melodies and soothing lullabies.Plus, the space includes a sturdy storage unit to keep supplies within caregivers reach! 6,299.95INCLUDES:\x1fHeavy-Duty Space-SaverStorage Unit\x1f Easy-Stack Cots - Set of 20\x1f Easy-Stack Cot Carrier\x1f Cot Sheets - Set of 20\x1fCotton Thermal Blankets - Set of 20\x1fCD & Cassette Playerwith BLUETOOTH\x1f CD Collection - Set of 3\x1fBlue Comfy Floor Seats - Set of 2 Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca"