b'Dramatic Play 49WW702 WW701 WW704WW705 WW708WW703 WW706WW707WW700SET\x1fCELEBRATE DIVERSITY SCHOOL DOLL SETIncrease cultural awareness and boost self-esteemwith dolls that celebrate diversity!Each 16" dollDoll OneWW701 Doll FiveWW705is incredibly realisticwith detailed facial features for lifelike dramatic play.Plus, the school-qualityDoll TwoWW702 Doll SixWW706dolls have removable outfits with hook & loop closures, securely rooted hair for years of grooming, plus soft vinyl bodies.Set of 8 dolls. 629.95 Doll ThreeWW703 Doll SevenWW707Dolls are also available separately.Each79.95 Doll FourWW704 Doll EightWW708LC1149 LA1201 LC1147 LA1200X\x1fADAPTIVE EQUIPMENTLC1145 FOR DOLLS WITH SPECIAL NEEDSLC1143 Helpkidsbetterunderstandothersand themselves with our equipment for differently abled dolls!As kids equip their dolls with canes, wheelchairs, protective helmets and more, they learn to dispel stereotypes about people with special needs.Designed to fit our Multi-Ethnic School Dolls above.All 6 sets, each with a guide.Dolls sold separately. 319.95Equipment sets are also available separately.LC1149 \x1f Guide Dog, Harness and Cane 54.95LA1201 \x1fProtective Helmet 21.95LC1143 \x1fWheelchair 99.95LC1145 \x1f Two Leg Braces and LC1151 \x1f Two Forearm Crutches 46.95LC1147 Two Hearing Aids and Two Pairs of Eyeglasses 21.95LC1147 LC1151 \x1f Walker and Accessory Bag 79.95EE557\x1fLAKESHOREEE565\x1fLAKESHORE HARDWOOD DOLLEE558\x1fLAKESHORE HARDWOOD HARDWOODCHANGING TABLEOur doll changing tableDOLL CRIBThis rugged hardwood crib keeps DOLL HIGHCHAIRboosts dramatic play!Solid birch table has safe,dolls safe and snug!Crafted with smooth, rounded Our 11"w x 10 14 "d x 21 12 "hrounded corners and an easy-clean vinyl chang- edges and a classroom-tough design.Measures hardwoodchairhas ing surface.Measures 22"w x 13"d x 17 12 "h;22"w x 13 14 "d x 12 12 "h; fits dolls up to 18" long. smooth,rounded for dolls up to 18" long.Comes assembled.Assembled.Doll & Bedding Set sold sep. 269.95edges.Holds dollsDoll and accessories not included. 269.95 TT788\x1fDoll up to 18" long.Bedding SetAssembled .Mattress, quilt, sheet Dollsoldand pillow; machine-sep. 269.95 washable.58.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'