b'Arts & Crafts 161TG165\x1fMESSY MATS - SET OF 5 DS430XMAD MATTR SENSORY DOUGHDelight kids senses These versatile mats let kids get as messy as they wantwhile tables staywith stretchy, pliable, super-soft dough!Perfect for creative and sensory clean!The flexible 14" x 20" mats are perfect for use with markers, dough,exploration, this colourful dough holds its shape, never dries out and cleans paint or glue.Set includes 5 wipe-clean plastic mats in 5 colours. 27.95 up in a snap!You get 6 bags of dough in 6 colours; each bag is 10 oz. 94.95TG166\x1fEXTRA-LARGE MESSY MATS - SET OF 5 Each bag is also available separately. Each15.95Just like the mats abovebut in a big 18 12 " x 25 12 " size thats perfect forDS431Blue DS432Green DS434Purplelarger art projects!You get 5 easy-clean plastic mats in 5 colours. 36.95 DS435Pink DS433Red DS436TealTwist open to mix & match!LA371CLASSROOM CLAY & DOUGH DESIGNER KIT This kit includes DS296\x1fMIX & MATCH SENSORY SPHERESeverything a class of young sculptors needs to roll, slice and mold incredible works of clay!Kids express their creativity and explore their sensesas they Kids develop fine motor skills as they create with safe, high-quality tools that are speciallymake tons of fun designs in dough, paint & more!These 2-piece designed to be easy to use.Children can smooth out clay with our handy rollersdesign andspheres open up and connect with a twistso kids can mix & decorate with the plastic tools & dough extrudersmake a variety of shapes with the easy-gripmatch the 4 patterns as they create fascinating impressions! dough cuttersand much more!You get 43 pieces in a tub; flattening rollers are 8 12 ". 109.95 8 plastic, dishwasher-safe spheres; each is 2 12 " in diam. 46.95LA499\x1fFEELINGS & EMOTIONS LL688LEARN TO COUNT!LA299LEARN THE ALPHABET! DOUGH MATSFrom a silly face to a look ofDOUGH MATSKids learn to count with ourDOUGH MATS Turn your art centre into a surprisechildren boost social-emotional learningcreative, hands-on dough mats!Each mat has ahands-on literacy centrewith our fun-to-complete as they shape with dough!Kids simply choose a matfun image that corresponds to a number from 1 todough mats!Each 8" x 10" mat has outlines show-featuring a scene that corresponds to an emotion,20.Children create dough shapes to completeing an upper- and a lowercase letter, plus cute pic-then use dough to mold a mouth, a nose andeachimageandbuildcountingskillsastheytures representing the letter sound.Kids use dough morecreating facial expressions for each feeling!play!Best of all, the 8" x 10" mats are reusable to form each letter right on the matsboosting letter24 reusable, 8" x 10" mats with 6 emotions andso kids can practice again and again!Set includesrecognition and fine motor skills as they create!Set 4 different skin tones.Dough sold sep. 18.95 20 mats.Dough sold separately. 17.95 of 26 reusable mats.Dough sold sep. 18.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'