b'Language 191WORD BUILDING & PHONICSEE667\x1fLAKESHORE WORD FAMILY READERSIntroduce word families in contextwith fun-filled rhymes and irresistible stories GG955 \x1f WORD BUILDING TILES CLASS SETChildren buildstudents want to read again and again!Created especially for emergent word after word with our handy letter tilesand explore everything fromreaders, each skill-building book highlights 5-9 words from the same word spelling patterns and word families to decoding!The set includes 20 vinylfamilyso kids get the repetition they need to master spelling patterns and read pouches, each with 48 double-sided letter tilesuppercase on front andwith confidence!You get 20 books. 84.95lowercase on back.Plus, the consonants and vowels are colour-coded GG421 \x1f Book Display Stand for 20Sturdy metal; 25 12 " wide. 93.95so its easy to build & sound out words.Chipboard tiles are 1 14 ". 179.95 EE668 \x1f LAKESHORE WORD FAMILY BIG BOOKSThe same stories GG954 \x1f Extra Student PackEasy-seal vinyl pouch includesas our set abovein a big, 15" x 19" size thats ideal for sharing with the whole 48 sturdy chipboard letter tiles.Each tile measures 1 14 ". 9.95 class!The set includes 20 full-colour big books.(Not shown.)379.95Simply snapletters ontothe board!EE708\x1fSNAP & BUILD CVC WORDSLearning CVC words is a snapwith hands-on picture boards and letter clips kids cant resist!Students just grab a board,RA417\x1fLAKESHORE WORD BUILDING BLOCKSthen snap the clips right on it to build the word that matches the picture.And with enough letterOur chunky letter blocks make word building a breeze!Children snap the plastic clips to build all the words at once, the set is perfect for multiple childrenletters onto handy bases to form wordsthey can even switch out blocks to to use at the same time!Set includes 20 picture boards, 60 letter clipsexplore sound substitution, rhyming words and more.You get 4 bases and and a guide.Boards measure 2 34 " x 4 12 ". 56.95 78 blocks (20 vowels and 58 consonants) in a tub.Blocks are 1 14 ". 72.95WORD BUILDING PUZZLESWhat better way to reinforce word building skillsJJ466\x1f3-Letter Word Building PuzzlesSimple 3-piece than with colourful puzzles students will love to complete!Each puzzle features apuzzles introduce students to basic word building skillswith familiar 3- or 4-letter word, plus a corresponding picture.Children just fit theessential CVC words like cat, bus, jet and more. 24.95pieces together to complete the picturesand build simple words at the sameJJ465\x1f4-Letter Word Building Puzzlestime!Choose from 2 levels listed at right, each with 16 self-correcting puzzlesforSlightly more challenging 4-piece puzzles include both beginning tons of no-fail word building practice.Sturdy chipboard puzzles measure 5" x 5". and ending blendsfrom drum and swim to tent and gift. 24.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'