b'Furniture 117STORAGE BINSLC91 \x1f LAKESHORELL112\x1f LAKESHORE PAPER TRAYS YB10 \x1f LAKESHORE STORAGE BOXES CLEAR-VIEW STORAGE BOXOur stackable trays are ideal for turning in homework,Big, bold, unbreakableour polypropylene boxesEnd the Whats inside? guessing game organizing worksheets and more!Plastic trays hold up tokeep materials out of sight, but in easy reach.with this clear, stackable storage box! 9" x 12" paper and are 11" x 14" x 3" high.Specify:red,Boxes are 13 14 " x 8" x 5" high.Specify:green,Constructed of unbreakable heavy-duty blue, yellow, green, purple or orange. Each17.95 purple, orange, yellow, red or blue.Each13.95 plastic, the storage box measures a big LL131\x1f Lakeshore Paper Tray Lids YB11 \x1f Lakeshore Storage Box Lids 13 12 " x 8" x 5" high. Each19.95Specify colour:red, blue, yellow, green, purple orSpecify colour:green, purple, orange, yellow,LC93 \x1f Lakeshore Clear-Vieworange. Each8.95 red or blue. Each7.95 Box Lid Each7.95DISHWASHER-SAFE PLASTIC BASKETS - DARK BROWNThese incredibly appealing baskets have the soft and natural look of wickerbut theyre made of rugged, securely woven plastic to withstand active daily use in the classroom!The durable baskets are dishwasher-safe, so they couldnt be easier to clean.Plus, each flexible basket has built-in handles, so you can totethem anywhere!Choose from the 3 sizes shown. LL236 \x1f Small Basket13 12 " x 8 12 " x 6" high.26.95LL235 \x1f Medium Basket14 12 " x 11" x 7 12 " high. 31.95LL234 \x1f Large Basket15" x 13" x 8" high. 39.95BX700X \x1f HEAVY-DUTY BIG BINS - SET OF 6 TUFF TOTESThese sturdy storage totes are tough enough for even Big, brawny and a breeze to carryour heavy-duty plastic bins providethe busiest classrooms!Made of super-durable, heavy-duty plastic, each convenient, easy-access storage for classroom books and supplies!see-inside tote features molded handles, reinforced edges and a lid for The 6 bins come in the 6 colours shown, all with molded handles foreasy stacking.Choose from the 3 sizes shown.easy carrying.Each bin measures 11 34 " x 14 14 " x 7 12 " high. 129.95 WT361 \x1f Small Tuff Tote 11 12 " x 9" x 5" high. 28.95BX708\x1f Heavy-Duty Big BinPlease specify colour:red, yellow,WT363 \x1f Medium Tuff Tote14" x 11 14 " x 6 12 " high. 32.95purple, orange, green or blue.Each22.95 WT365 \x1f Large Tuff Tote 17 14 " x 13 34 " x 8" high. 42.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'